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Algebra Assignment Help Online

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Algebra is one of the major disciplines under mathematics that deals with the problems of algebraic structures, mathematical equations, problems of polynomials, etc. The term Algebra is derived from Arabic word “al-jabr” which means reunion of broken parts. The formulas to calculate solutions using quadratic equations, linear equations and intermediate linear equations were developed by the Babylonians. Various topics covered under algebra are- progression, complex numbers, quadratic equations and functions, permutations and combinations, matrices, binomial theorem, mathematical induction, etc.
polynomials consists of sum of terms that has a variable raised to a certain power. The polynomials can be of one variable, two variables, and three variables and so on. It is used in coordinate geometry to plot graphs and analyze slopes. Students looking for various notes on algebra can refer Algebra Assignment Help Online where each and every topic related to algebra has been discussed in a detailed manner.

Different Types Of Algebra

Various equations under different types of algebra explained in Algebra Assignment Help Online are as follows: –

• Linear Algebra –

This area of algebra is concerned with the study of vector spaces and also the linear transformations between them. Initially linear algebra was emerged as a method to solve linear equations. It has a wide range of application to create linear models, solve systems of equations and provide approximate solution to equations. Linear algebraic methods are used in Fourier series, representation theory, functional analysis, theory of modules, etc.

• Elementary Algebra –

This area of algebra is concerned with the study of general properties of numbers and the relationships between them. It constitutes of real numbers, complex numbers, variables and constants. These are collectively known as algebraic quantities. Elementary algebra can be studied in the segment of Algebra Assignment Help Online.

• Abstract Algebra –

Abstract algebra is a broad discipline of algebra that deals with algebraic structures such as vector spaces, groups, rings and algebras. It is also called as modern algebra. To know more about abstract algebra, please refer Algebra Assignment Help Online.

• Free Algebras –

The algebras that exist in quasi-varieties and non-trivial varieties of universal algebras is known as free algebras. It includes free monoids and groups, free combinatorial structures, free logical structures, free rings, etc. Free algebras can be studied by referring Algebra Assignment Help Online.

• Algebra of mathematics –

This branch of algebra includes algebraic logic, algebraic topology, algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry, etc. to know more about algebra of mathematics, students can refer Algebra Assignment Help Online where all algebraic properties have been discussed in a detailed manner. The different types of algebra can be studied in Algebra Assignment Help Online.

• Universal Algebra –

After abstract algebra, the next level of abstraction is the universal algebra. It includes common properties of algebraic structures such as fields, rings, groups, lattices, etc. It is sometimes also called as general algebra. Universal algebra deals with algebraic theories in general.

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