Balance Sheet Homework Help

Balance Sheet Homework Help


Balance sheet is an important term of financial accounting is referred as a part of financial statement of an entity and is developed by the accountant of a firm or organization. We at balance sheet homework help consists of dedicated tutors and experts who are ready to help you out in your need. Our experts are best in their fields, so, if you are trapped in your homework’s and assignments just contact us.

More about balance sheet

The balance sheet shows the financial position of an entity or organization. It presents a summary of the financial balances of a company, entity, firm, corporation and others at the end of a specified date. Balance sheet shows the net worth of a business at a given point of time and reflects the total assets and liabilities of that business.

The major components of a balance sheet are as follows-

• Assets
• Stockholder’s/ owner’s equity
• Liabilities
Each of the three categories of the balance sheet has many subcategories under them. Balance sheet is usually presented with liabilities and stockholder’s equity in one section and assets in the other section

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