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Students when listen about banking, they get stuck in question like what is banking? How banking works? What is the role of banking? These are very important question and everyone belonging to banking sector asks these questions. But they do not get correct answer. But at banking case study assignment help service, experts provide best answers of these questions. They provide student best service related top banking questions. The word bank was borrowed in the age of Middle English period. The correct definition of bank varies from country to country. Bank is an institute where lending activities can take place and it can be performed by direct or indirect capital market. Banks plays important role in the financial stability of economy.

Different Economic Functions


There are different economic functions of banks as it helps economy to be stable. There are different issues on which banks plays important role like issues related to money, currency, subjects of cheque and payments related to customer’s order. Sometimes banks acts as both collecting and paying agent for customers. It helps to clear all the interbank collection and settlement systems. Another function is credit intermediation like banks borrow and give loans back to back on their own account as middle men.

Banks are able to create new money when any one take a loan. New loans throughout the banking system generate new deposits anywhere in the system. By the act of lending money supply is usually increased and reduced when loans are repaid faster. There are different business models of banks like banks can generate revenue by variety of methods, one of them is charging interest on money which are lend to different customers.

Different Types of Risks


• Liquidity risks: the risk that is given by a security that cannot be trades quickly to get profit or loss in the market.
• Credit risks: this type of risks arises when borrowers fail to make payments in their due dates.
• Operational risks: this type of risks arises from execution department of the banking company
• Market risks: this type of risks arises from the investment or trading portfolios, it happens when the market value decreases of portfolios.

According to experts of banking case study assignment help expert banks plays very important role in economic function. It helps a country to grow more.

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From history onwards it has been seen that banks also faces crises. There are many times when banks face crises but then also banks are known as left hand of economy. There are different banking laws which help customers to lend money from banks. Customers can take any type of loans from these banking systems. This is the reason students are inclining towards banking sector. The experts of online banking case study assignment help explains all the case studies related to banking sector. This is the reason many students feel tedious free and relaxed due to online helpers.
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