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Benchmarking can be defined as a systemic process or technique of identifying and studying one’s own services, products and activities against the best performance level. These best performance levels can be set from other competing organizations or within one’s own organization. It is given in Benchmarking Homework Help, benchmarking is included in all types of companies- profit, non-profit, public, private, etc and also in industries- education, technology, manufacturing, etc. In many companies there are offices and positions that are in charge of benchmarking. Some of it includes- data analyst, market researcher, consultant, etc.

Types of Benchmarking

There are different types of benchmarking- strategic, internal, global, process, product, etc. Some of the types of benchmarking explained in Benchmarking Homework Help are as follows
• Competitive Benchmarking- In competitive benchmarking, rival’s products and processes are compared to set a benchmark. Efforts are made to collect information from rival company regarding their products and strategies. It can be studied in Benchmarking Homework Help.
• Product Benchmarking- In product benchmarking or reverse engineering, every organization buys its competitors products and compare it with theirs. This comparison is made to find out features and performance of the product and to set a benchmark. Benchmarking Homework Help tells us about Product Benchmarking.
• Process Benchmarking- It can be defined as comparison of working and performance of one’s own organization against another organization.
• Internal Benchmarking- It is an application of process benchmarking that can be defined as comparison of business processes against another similar process within an organization. Other types of benchmarking can be studied in Benchmarking Homework Help.
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