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What is Biology?


In life, biology can be used as science. Biology word came from Greek words “bios” (life) and “logos” (study). Biologist study the function, evolution, structure, distribution & origin of living organism. In general there are nine umbrella fields of biology, which is further divided on multiple sub-fields.

• Biochemistry: -its relates to that study of material which make up living things
• Botany: – The study of plants which includes agriculture
• Cellular Biology: – the study of basic cellular units with respect to living things
• Ecology: – the study which shows that how organism interact with their environment
• Evolutionary Biology: – origins study and the changes in the different phase of life.
• Genetics: – its relates to the study of hereditary
• Molecular Biology: – biological molecules is covered under this
• Physiology: – the study which shows how the organism & their parts function
• Zoology: – animal and animal behavior study

Basic concept of Biology


• Biological Principles:– Homeostasis, A constant internal environment is maintained by all living things.
• Unity: – Regardless of their specialty or uniqueness, all living organism have certain chemical, physical & biological characteristics which is common among them.
• Evolution: – It is the engine of the biological diversity
• Diversity: – Despite all living organism have certain chemical, physical & biological characteristics which is common among them. A diversity of life exists not only among and between spices but also within every natural population.
• Behavior and interrelationship: – The relationship study of living things among them and with their environment is called ecology.
• Continuity: – The one of the important characteristics of life is the ability to reproduce.
The different branches of the biology is summed up within a basic area of five which is understanding about living things. You will get the infinite information relates to research while going through these five basic idea.
Biology Five Basic Idea
• Cell theory: – Cell theory divided into three parts – life basic unit is cell, cells are made of things which are lively in nature, and earlier cell produces the new cell.
• Energy: – Energy is required by all living things, and the flow of energy is between organisms and from organisms to environment.
• Heredity: – The genetic data codes and DNA are with the living things along with the function and structure of the cell.
• Equilibrium: – Living things must maintained Homeostasis.
• Evolution: – It is the engine of the biological diversity.

Biology and Other Sciences

Biology in general studied with a combination of other sciences, i.e. engineering and mathematics, and also social science. The examples are as follows
• Biophysics study about the life matching trend and compare it with mathematics and physics, as per the biophysical society.
• The study of the evolution and distribution and causes of distribution of life forms as per biogeography.
• Biomathematics includes making mathematical models which easily understand the phenomena and patterns related to biology world.
• As per astrobiology study we know the generation of life at global.
• The shape of the biology can be study by Sociologist i.e. the study about culture, social structure and interactions.
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