Customer Perceptions & Analysis- Need for Sales Manager


Whatever production activities a Company is involved into, it mainly focuses on the services it provides to the customers. Organizations give more emphasis on developing strategies to attract customers without worrying about the size and nature of production activities. To successfully achieve this target, Allophones tries to recognize the changing behavior of customers. As different customers have different priorities for their handset which is based on their budget, usability and sometimes the model of the handset (Nimako and Azumah, 2009)

Allophones properly analyses the different challenges associated with telecommunication industry and this analysis will help to prepare a better plan to meet the need of the customers as this is important for establishing a long lasting relationship with the existing and good clients (Deloitte Access Economic, 2009). Customer analysis is done to establish a faithful relationship with the customer so that they stay with them for a longer period as per our Statistics case study assignment help researchers. Services and offers provided to the customer should be good enough to attract and catch eyes of the customers so that they visit the stores again and again for buying different products.

For achieving this it is very important to recognize the eye catching factors for the customers and to understand how to increase the quality of services so that the customers remain faithful to them and are not diverted. Customers’ experience with the company depends on a lot of factors .Allophones strongly understands the importance of providing timely and reliable services to the customer to retain them with the company for a long time .Presently the telecommunication service provider in Australia has grown in numbers which has resulted in increased competition in the industry and has created a market where consumers have lots of options to choose.

To achieve a higher share in the market the company attempts to keep the cost of services as low as possible. In addition to this, network connection has its own importance in providing good services to the client. And to prepare an efficient plan it is important to understand the needs and expectation of the customers .It is obvious that telephone users opt for package that provides best service in low cost. For this, the company introduces different plans to meet the purpose. The increasing demand of smartphones have also increased the demand of cheap and reliable internet connection as per survey done by our business analytics assignment help experts and team.The increased number of service providers has created  many options for the customers and they can switch to any service provider any time. The only thing along with the service that will retain the customer with the company is the low cost of the service. The increasing competition in the market has compelled the company to introduce good tariff plan to attract the customers. (De and Kathleen, 2012).