To begin with, biology is a field of science that deals with the study of living beings and life. It includes the observation of every attribute related to life that includes physical structure, chemical composition, development, changes, function etc. Study of biology can stretch from the smallest of creatures like algae and microorganisms to the biggest of the living creatures present on earth. According to Biology Assignment Help, biological researchers are mostly concerned with the following five concepts which form the framework for understanding biology easily. They are:-

  • Evolution – Evolution is considered to be the most important phenomenon that ensures the survival of the living organisms.
  • Cell theory – Cells are the smallest and basic unit of life and all the human beings are composed of cells.
  • Energy – Energy is the driving force for all the living beings that allows them to do any work. Energy flow takes place between organisms and the environment.
  • Heredity – Genes are considered to be the basic units of heredity. Every living creature is composed of DNA which stores the genetic information codes. These codes are passed from generation to generation for the preservation of the species.
  • Equilibrium – Homeostasis is a state of balanced equilibrium between the organisms and the environment which must be maintained by all the living beings.

Biology is further divided into sub-branches on the basis of various factors. Though it is believed that the complexity of the science creates a difference between them, certain conceptions of all the fields overlap. This implies it is not possible to study any one branch without some knowledge related to the other branches. A few of the main branches are mentioned below. They are:-

  • Microbiology – It is the study of microscopic organisms like bacteria, viruses, protozoa etc. It is helpful in the fields that involve investigating diseases, finding a cure for diseases, and preservation of food items.
  • Zoology – Zoology is related to the study of animals. It is concerned about different phenomenon and relationships among fauna.
  • Botany – Botany is a sub-branch of biology that carries out specialization in the study of plants. It focuses on the research that is conducted on flora. A more specific explanation of various concepts of botany is provided in Botany Assignment Help.

Biology is a very important subject that has proved to be helpful and beneficial to humans in every field, starting from our daily lives to professional sectors. It helps to establish a relationship between the living and the non-living creatures.  It is essential to have some idea about this subject before preparing the assignments because it is a complicated subject and all the other branches somehow correspond to biology. This knowledge would further provide a contribution to the research that is being carried out and it becomes easier to mention the observed facts in the assignments. It leads to the creation of a good assignment as having some knowledge about biology helps in including better information and providing examples based on the previous research.