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1. (2) points: An examination of the Prepaid Insurance account shows a debit balance of $3,670 at the end of the accounting period before adjustment. Prepare journal entries to record the insurance expense for the period under each of the following independent assumptions:
1. An examination of insurance policies shows that insurance costing $1,200 has expired during the period.

General Journal Page 1
Date Description Post.Ref. Debit Credit

1. An examination of insurance policies shows unexpired insurance of $2,640 at the end of the period.

General Journal Page 1
Date Description Post.Ref. Debit Credit


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2. (2) points: Dukes Press pays wages of $12,000 every Friday for a five-day workweek. September 30, the last day of the fiscal year, falls on a Tuesday. In the journal provided, prepare the September 30 adjusting entry as well as the October 3 follow-up entry when the wages are paid. Omit explanations.

General Journal Page 1
Date Description Post.Ref. Debit Credit

3. (3) points: On December 12, Roger Kent, a painter, received $1,800 in advance for performing a service that would extend into the following calendar year. By December 31, he still had three-fourths of the service remaining to perform. In the journal provided, prepare the December 12 entry, the December 31 end-of-period adjustment, as well as the entry on January 29 when the job was completed. Omit explanations.

General Journal Page 1
Date Description Post.Ref. Debit Credit

4. (3) points: Using the income statement below, develop a common-size statement by filling in the blanks provided. Show your work. Round to one decimal place.

           2013         2013
Net sales $400,000 _________
Cost of goods sold  232,000 _________
Gross margin $168,000 _________
Operating expenses    92,000 _________
Income before income taxes $  76,000 _________
Income taxes expense    30,400 _________
Net income $  45,600 _________

5. (3) points: Prepare a horizontal analysis by computing the amounts and percentage changes for the following balance sheet items; place your answers in the blanks provided.

      2013       2012    Amount Percentage
Current assets $  6,500 $  5,000
Property, plant, and equipment   22,000   25,000    
Total assets $28,500 $30,000    
Liabilities and Stockholders’ Equity        
Liabilities $  5,500 $10,000
Stockholders’ equity   23,000   20,000    
Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity $28,500 $30,000    

6. (8) points: Use the following accounts and information to prepare, in good form, an income statement, statement of retained earnings, and balance sheet for Jasper Enterprises for the year ended December 31, 2013. Please prepare in EXCEL or use the templates from the homework assignments.

Accounts Payable $9,600 Land $78,000
Accounts Receivable 1,200 Notes Payable 12,000
Buildings 104,000 Rent Expense 7,200
Cash 52,400 Retained Earnings,December 31, 2012 168,800
Sales Revenues 38,000 Salaries Expense 16,800
Common Stock 40,000 Inventory 800
Dividends 6,000
Utilities Expense 2,000

7. (7) points: Selected amounts from the condensed financial statements of Timson Corporation for 2012 and 2013 are presented below with several amounts missing. The 2011 year-end balance of retained earnings is $82,883.

Income Statement 2013 2012
Revenues $490,304  $       (a)
Costs and expenses (h) (501,295)
Income taxes (853) (3,603)
Net income $__   (i) $ _ _(b)
Statement of Retained Earnings    
Beginning-of-year balance     $       (j) $      (c)
Net income 3,747 (d)
Dividends       (k)    (3,845)
End-of-year balance $       (l) $_ _ (e)
Balance Sheet    
Total assets $     (m) $246,481
Total liabilities $110,192 $102,239
Common stock 57,968 56,800
Retained earnings        (n)  $      (f)
Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity $255,473   $     (g)


  1. Determine the missing amounts indicated by the letters. (Hint: You should not try to find them in alphabetical order.)

8. (12) points: In the journal provided, prepare journal entries (in good form) for the following transactions. If no entry is required, write “no entry.” Omit explanations.

Apr. 1 Investors opened a dry cleaning service, called Same Day Cleaners, by depositing $60,000 into a business bank account and receiving 60,000 shares of $1 par value stock in exchange.
3 Paid two years rent in advance, $14,400.
6 Purchased dry cleaning equipment for $40,000. Paid $8,000 in cash, the remainder to be paid in two weeks.
9 Hired a part-time worker, to be paid $300 per week, starting tomorrow.
17 Paid the worker’s weekly wage.
17 Recorded cash received for services performed during the week, $3,000.
20 Paid for the remainder of the equipment purchased on April 6.
21 Received $200 in advance of cleaning and boxing a wedding gown.
23 Performed $500 of dry cleaning services for Asa’s Tuxedo Shop. It will remit payment in three days.
24 Paid the weekly wages.
26 Received payment from Asa’s Tuxedo Shop.
30 Received a telephone bill for $100, which will be paid in two weeks.



General Journal Page 1
Date Description Post.Ref. Debit Credit

9. (6) points: In the journal provided, prepare adjusting entries for the following items. Omit explanations.
1. Depreciation on machinery is $1,880 for the accounting period.
2. Interest incurred on a loan but not paid or recorded is $1,270.
3. Office supplies of $1,200 were on hand at the beginning of the period. Purchases of office supplies during the period totaled $400. At the end of the period, $280 in office supplies remained.
4. Commissions revenue amounting to $1,080 were earned but not recorded or collected by year end.
5. Prepaid Rent had a $16,000 normal balance prior to adjustment. By year end, 50 percent had expired.
6. Federal income taxes for the year are estimated to be $6,500.

General Journal Page 1
Date Description Post.Ref. Debit Credit

10. (4) points: Below are the adjusted accounts of Millennium Realtors, Inc., for the month ended May 31, 2013, listed in alphabetical order:

Accounts Payable $   400 Dividends 1,000
Accounts Receivable 3,600 Income Taxes Expense 100
Accumulated Depreciation– Income Taxes Payable 100
Office Equipment 4,000 Land 1,500
Cash 1,150 Office Equipment 10,000
Commissions Revenue 7,500 Salaries Expense 2,300
Common Stock 8,000 Utilities Expense 150
Depreciation Expense–
Office Equipment 200

In the journal provided, prepare Millennium’s closing entries (omit explanations).

General Journal Page 1
Date Description Post.Ref. Debit Credit

10. (5) points: Using the following data, prepare a multistep income statement for Morrison Company for the month ended February 28, 2013.

Cost of Goods Sold $30,000
General and Administrative Expenses 8,000
Net Sales 50,000
Selling Expenses 7,000
Income Taxes 950


11. (10) points: From the simplified balance sheet and income statement of the business below, compute the following ratios. Assume that the June 30 amounts for total assets and stockholders’ equity also represent their average amounts for the period. Round percentages to the nearest whole percent.
1. Profit margin
2. Return on assets
3. Debt to equity
4. Return on equity
5. Asset turnover

Sci-Tech Enterprises, Inc.
Balance Sheet
June 30, 2013
Assets Liabilities
Current assets $ 4,000   Current liabilities $  4,000
Investments 2,000   Long-term liabilities     6,000
Property, plant, and   Total liabilities $10,000
equipment 12,000
Intangible assets   2,000 Stockholders’ Equity
      Common stock $  8,000
  Retained earnings     2,000
      Total stockholders’ equity $10,000
Total assets $20,000   Total liabilities and stockholders’equity  $20,000


Sci-Tech Enterprises, Inc.
Income Statement
For the Year Ended June 30, 2013
Net sales $24,000
Cost of goods sold   12,000
Gross margin $12,000
Operating expenses     8,000
Income before income taxes $ 4,000
Income taxes    1,600
Net income $ 2,400


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