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Assessment Brief/ Task

The detailed requirements for this task are as follows
1. The assignment is split in 2 parts with part 1 uploaded by week 7 of the module, after that you will not be able upload the files, and part 2 uploaded by the assignment submission date. Once all parts have been uploaded you need to use the e- submission icon on the topic menu to submit your total workbook
2. Part 1 of the assignment
a. Maintain a personal learning log based on session content linking theory to personal experience and development. Each entry should be supported by at least 1 reference beyond the session slides and course book, and overall the log should refer to at least 3 journal articles no more than 5 years old, this may include sources on reflective practice(LO1, LO2). The log must be completed on at least 5 concepts.(1000 words in total uploaded to your workbook by 04 Apr 16) and one or more entries may cover the logistics game activity (eg lead time issues, long supply chains, supply chain risk etc)
b. Analyse the information in the scenario and using supporting academic and suitable practitioner sources, define the information requirements for a Customer Relationship Management system (LO1,LO2) Your answer should be in the form of level 0 context diagram, and short explanatory report which should include the advantages and disadvantages of a RFID system (1000 words (upload to your workbook by the 4 Apr 16)
3. Produce a report for the Board of Directors that analyses the provided scenario, that:.(2500 words)
i. Explains the issues in operations management that are discussed in the scenario(LO2).
ii. Discusses the problems and opportunities(Supply chain issues, lean issues, change management, multiple IT systems) the organisation faces, and explain how the Risk Matrix and the WBS below will underpin project success and thus help create a better customer experience(LO1,LO2)
iii. Develop a Risk Matrix for the project to provide a Customer Relationship Management module as part of an integrated IT system.(LO2)
iv.Create a Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) diagram for the project to implement Customer Relationship Management as part of an integrated IT system (LO2)
Your work should draw on the concepts, systems and tools covered in the module and show evidence of academic and commercial research, note there are suggested formats in this brief .


5IB002 – Assignment Scenario. “ Challinor’s” is a small manufacturing enterprise(SME) in the West Midlands which manufactures actuators for the aerospace industry. While they had suffered during the recession they did keep trading. Because they had a good reputation in the aerospace industry(where quality is a major safety issue) they have been offered a contract with a major automobile manufacturer within the region. If this works well it will mean a major increase in business and overall profit and it will mean that they are able to supply within a much broader market to reduce their dependence on just one sector.
Their existing premises are near Birmingham (near Edgbaston) and have some capacity to increase floor-loading but not a lot if they carry on working in the way they have traditionally worked. The CEO organised a directors’ meeting to look at the possible options for them. The Logistics Director suggested that they use one of his managers to facilitate the meeting.

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From the meeting a SWOT analysis was developed as figure 1 as a starting point for a follow up session to try and develop the company’s strategy.

Produce a quality product.Have a good workforce of experienced engineers  Centre of the country.

Have space to develop the new contract.

Only work within Aerospace at the moment.May over engineer products

We do not have an operations management based IT system to manage work flow, we only have manual systems.

Existing IT systems are standalone, for Finance/Pay, and Inventory and Logistics

If the new automobile contract works well that will use up all existing space in the factory, and already there is sign of the aerospace market increasing.

The new I54 manufacturing and innovation site near Telford has good road access to our main aerospace customers and the new automobile manufacturer.

There is EU money available to develop businesses within the West Midlands

If we cannot make the contract work it would weaken the company.Increased traffic around the existing site is extending our lead times and associated costs.

If we relocate we cannot be sure that our workforce will want to move .

If we do not expand the business someone else is likely to expand into the market for us.

We cannot be sure about our existing market.

If we take out large loan from the bank they could interfere with the business or call the loan in.

At the next meeting the CEO explained that the automobile manufacturer had agreed to provide training to develop lean skills in the workforce. The local development board agreed to provide background information and videos to explain what is going on in the region for the workforce. The HR Director agreed to use one of his IT staff to outline the information needs for an integrated IT system, starting with understanding of the Information needed for the Customer Relationship Management system, and to suggest options about more up to-date approaches including use of RFID technology
The Operations Director has asked her transport co-ordinator to provide a brief about the supply chain issues around the existing site and the option for moving to Telford, this should include a view of supplier and customer issues.
She said the information would be provided as a table, but the detail will need to be provided and analysed for impact. She also thought it would be useful if the lean training was provided to all staff, not just operations.
The CEO decided that report should cover: the use of lean concepts in manufacturing and administration(service) and what key issues we have, how the key lean tools were used, what the relevance was for the board of directors, and what are the quality standard issues; what the supply chain implications are if we move or stay; and how an integrated it system would help. He also asked for a work breakdown structure and a risk matrix for a project to implement a computer module for a CRM, as part of an integrated IT system, as part of a report, to discuss the feasibility of the project, and highlight the pros and cons involved.

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