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Question 11 pts

Which of the following industries was the United States not a world leader in by 1900?

Question 21 pts

The process Rockefeller used to gain control of his company’s industry is known as
a corporate-controlled market.
horizontal integration.
an Invisible Hand market.
vertical integration.
a hostile takeover.

Question 31 pts

When one company buys everything needed to produce, market, and deliver their product, they have participated in
a hostile takeover.
vertical integration.
horizontal integration.
a corporate-controlled market.
an Invisible Hand market.

Question 41 pts

In an effort to prevent corporations from obtaining market monopolies, Congress passed the
Terrell Act.
Sherman Anti-Trust Act.
Interstate Commerce Act.
Free Market Act.
Merrill Enforcement Act.

Question 51 pts

Based on Assignment 3 in Learning Module 1: Read the following statements and determine if they are TRUE or FALSE
• (Statement A) Gustavus Swift created America’s first vertically integrated company.
• (Statement B) By l900, Carnegie’s enormous Pittsburgh mills were producing more steel than the entire output of Great Britain, formerly the world’s greatest steel-making power.
• (Statement C) By 1895, Boston was the headquarter city for American corporations.
• (Statement D) John Pierpont Morgan wanted to stabilize the boom and bust American economy, to prevent price wars between business rivals from destroying big corporations and unhinging the economy.
• (Statement E) By the early 1900s, J.P. Morgan dominated a hundred corporations with more than $22 billion in assets.
All of the statements are FALSE
Only statements A and E are TRUE
Only statement A is TRUE
Only statements B and E are FALSE
All of the statements are TRUE
Only Statement C is FALSE

Question 61 pts

Thanks to this man’s invention, steel became substantially cheaper to make.
Andrew Carnegie
Henry Bessemer
John D. Rockefeller
J. P. Morgan
George Titus

Question 71 pts

This woman established Hull House, a settlement house for immigrants in Chicago.
Sojourner Truth
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Jane Addams
Dorothea Dix
Susan B. Anthony

Question 81 pts

The largest group employed in factories during the Gilded Age was
African Americans.

Question 91 pts

Which of the following was not a reform advocated by the Knights of Labor?
Creation of workers cooperatives
Equal pay for men and women
Paper currency
Providing access to jobs for reformed convicts
An 8-hour workday

Question 101 pts

In-Depth Study Question from Learning Module 1: In 1884, John Swinton argued that tougher immigration laws would improve conditions for American workers. the federal government should set up an agency to arbitrate labor disputes. strikes, contrary to popular belief, seldom failed. though industrial workers had it bad, things would be much worse without unions. the laborer had been robbed by management of the fruits of his labor.

Question 111 pts

This individual led the American Federation of Labor.
Samuel Gompers
Terence Powderly
Dennis Kearney
Howard Hughes
Eugene V. Debs

Question 121 pts

The Homestead Strike ended with
a 10 percent raise in pay for all piece work.
the establishment of an 8-hour day.
the workers’ union destroyed and their leaders imprisoned.
the Pinkerton Detective Agency being hired to break up the strike.
the abolishment of immigrant labor at the plant.

Question 131 pts

The end of the Pullman Strike came when
Eugene V. Debs was thrown in jail for his communist beliefs.
the Pinkerton Detective Agency was called in to bust up the strike.
the Supreme Court ruled that unions did not have federally protected civil rights.
President Cleveland dispatched federal troops to remove train cars from the tracks.
the Haymarket Riot killed the Knights of Labor union and they could no longer fund it.

Question 141 pts

Because of this machine, and the belief that women were more dexterous than men, the post–Civil War era saw an increase in the female workforce in businesses.
Sewing machine
Vacuum cleaner
Gas light
Cotton gin

Question 151 pts

John D. Rockefeller is best associated with which industry?

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Question 161 pts

When one company buys or forces out all of their competitors, it is participating in
horizontal integration.
vertical integration.
a corporate-controlled market.
a hostile takeover.
an Invisible Hand market.

Question 171 pts

In-Depth Study Question from Learning Module 1: The Scribner’s Monthly editorial on the 1887 strikes alleged that:
unions have been a curse to the nation.
strikes are always mistakes.
unions attempt to control other people’s property.
communist infiltrators instigated the strikes.
labor leaders often oppress union members.

Question 181 pts

Andrew Carnegie is best associated with which industry?

Question 191 pts

This man created the United States’ first billion-dollar corporation.
Andrew Carnegie
Henry Bessemer
George Titus
J. P. Morgan
John d. Rockefeller

Question 201 pts

After the Civil War, what was the complaint about the federal tariff?
It was not generating enough revenue.
It was not forcing American companies to be competitive with their prices.
It was allowing too many foreign imports into the American market.
It was not high enough.
It was no longer needed.

Question 211 pts

What economic doctrine was typically used during the post-Civil War era?
Les bonne temps rolle
Et tu Bruti

Question 221 pts

What title was given to the political and economic leaders during the Gilded Age?
Titans of industry
The Trustees
Robber barons
The Gilders

Question 231 pts

Which of the following was not a cause of industrial growth in the era following the Civil War?
Mass productions
The introduction of mass production techniques
Technological innovations
A resurging southern economy
A flood of immigrants

Question 241 pts

Thanks to the electrical light,
more shifts were possible for more pay.
factories made more light bulbs.
owners made their workers work longer.
more immigrants were hired to fill vacancies.
unskilled workers could go to college in the evenings and learn a skill.

Question 251 pts

What was a reason that married women were offered less pay during the Gilded Age?
They were sharing the rent
They didn’t eat as much.
They were not as smart as men.
Their husbands supported them.
They were not as valuable.

Question 261 pts

The Sandlot Incident was aimed at protesting the hiring of what group of immigrants?

Question 271 pts

The Knights of Labor’s decline began because of its perceived involvement in
abolishing child labor.
the Sandlot Incident.
the Great Railroad Strike of 1877.
the Haymarket Riot.
the Pinkerton Agency.

Question 281 pts

What invention spurred the industrial and urban development?
Subway system
Steel factories
Coal-burning furnaces

Question 291 pts

Based on the In-Depth Study Assignment in Learning Module 1: Read the following statements and determine if they are TRUE or FALSE
• (Statement A) John Swinton, editor of a pro-labor newspaper in New York, believed that labor unions were vital organizations that protected workers from the most extreme forms of exploitation.
• (Statement B) New York State Factory Investigating Commission, exposed the harsh and unsafe working conditions in many of the state of New York’s factories.
• (Statement C) In 1913, garment workers in New York’s largest clothing factory went on strike for better working conditions.
• (Statement D) Charles Wesley, U.S. attorney general that obtained a court injunction declaring the ARU boycott of Pullman cars a “conspiracy in restraint of trade” that unlawfully blocked the U.S. mail.
• (Statement E) Grover Cleveland sent the U.S. Navy to put down a 1898 sugar refinery strike in Honolulu.
Only Statement E is FALSE
All of the statements are FALSE
Only statement A is TRUE
All of the statements are TRUE
Only statements D and E are FALSE

Question 301 pts

By 1897, the United States had more of this than all the European nations combined
Electricity-generating factories

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