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M004 (E04) Coursework 2 (CW2)


Individual End-of-module Report

In the role of a management consultant, prepare a succinct and detailed business report for the Board of Directors of your chosen company report aimed at the Board of Directors. Extend your research from coursework 1 on financial analysis of the performance of your company to include financial and non-financial performance indicators and organizations KPIs as evident in the Annual Report; design a balanced scorecard and linked strategy map.
You are required to use the same company as in coursework 1 but permitted to choose a different company only in exceptional circumstances (for example if the company is no longer trading). Your seminar tutor will approve your choice of organisation sub-unit for CW2.
The vision, strategy or goal that you identify can be published by the organisation (e.g. in their Annual Report) or identified by yourself as appropriate for the organisation.


1. Identify the vision and strategy of either
• The entire organization or
• One unit of the organization or
• One major long term financial and strategic investment that the company is involved with.
2. Comparative analysis is a key component of strategic financial analysis. The benchmarks used for comparison include the use of key performance indicators (KPIs). Critically evaluate the use of KPIs in assessing organizational performance, while providing evidence of its usage in the chosen company. first we have to explain what is the kpi toan organization and what is the usage of it and explain each key performance for Tesco kpi .
3. Critically discuss and evaluate balanced scorecards for performance management and monitoring in this the supervisor want us to explain the about what is balance scorecard first the definition and what are the 4 perspective and then the usage of the balance scorecard then the limitation of the balance scorecard and put references to the theory and the information we used .
4. Using published information and material from coursework 1, prepare a Balance Scorecard suitable for use by the directors and managers of the chosen organization to align business activities to the identified vision and strategy, and to monitor performance against strategic goals. first we have to put a small intro what is Tesco balance scorecard and then we have to explain about the tesco balance score card from 4 perspectives in tables financial , customer, internal business process and learning and growth perspectives and include in the table (objectives ,measures ,target, initiative how we can achieve) that based on Tesco strategy and vision from the annual report 2016 .
5. Build a strategic map to describe and explain how each aspect of the balanced scorecard can assist your company in achieving its goals and targets. we have to draw a strategy map based on the 4 perspectives we talke about in (10 marks) we have to draw a strategy map based on what we talk about in the balance scorecard in the 4 perspectives and explain how they are related to each other’s after the drawing .
6. Summarize your recommendations of the balanced scorecard and strategic map to the board. put recommendation for the Tesco balance scorecard and strategy map
7. Provide a meaningful executive summary of approximately 200 words at the beginning of your report.
8. Format your report professionally and acknowledge all sources according to CULC Harvard standard.

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This assignment tests achievement of all our module learning outcomes
1. Select and apply appropriate accounting techniques to critically analyze financial data in a variety of business decision making scenarios
2. Make informed financial judgements based on the outcome of such accounting analyses
3. Critically appraise the techniques used and the information to which they have been applied
4. Demonstrate an critical understanding to the internal, external and legal environments in which the judgements are being made

Report Format

1. The maximum word count for the main text excluding tables is 2,500 words.
• Exceeding the word count by more than 10% can result in a reduction of marks.
• Only the main text excluding any tables and diagrams counts, also excluding the contents page, executive summary, list of references and appendix.
2. The assignment must have a front cover stating
• Module number and name and seminar group number
• Title of the assignment
• Student name and ID
• Submission date
• Word count as defined above
3. All pages must be numbered
4. An executive summary of approximately 200 words is required (not included in the overall word count).
5. A short introduction is required (and included in the word count), even if it is not explicit in the assessment criteria.
6. A reasonable number of appendices may be used for relevant supporting information and to demonstrate your calculations and analysis.

Special plagiarism warning

This warning is in addition to our general policy on academic practice
1. Do not feel tempted to copy a Balanced Scorecard from the internet. The task is that you develop the Balanced Scorecard yourself.
2. Do not feel tempted to copy a Strategy Map from the internet. The task is that you develop a Strategy Map yourself based on your own Balanced Scorecard.
3. When you take ideas or information from Coursework 1, please make sure you acknowledge it like any other source in-text and in the reference list. Direct quotes must be marked with quotation marks. An appropriate entry in the reference list would look like:
Teekeng, N., Chongmankhong, Y. and Mwangi, H. (2012) Google Financial Analysis. Unpublished Coursework. London: Coventry University London Campus
Quoting your own material from previous coursework without acknowledgement is called “self plagiarism” and a form of academic misconduct equal to other forms of plagiarism.
The rubric by which your report will be assessed follows on page 4. It is important that prior to you submitting your work, you read this and objectively assess your response against the rubric. This will ensure that you have done enough to attain the marks you wish to achieve.

INTM04LON CW2 Individual Assignment

1.0 Identify vision & strategy
2.0 Evaluation of KPIs in assessing organizational performance: Critical discussion of adv & disadv
2.1 Evaluation clearly focussed on the use of KPIs and use of drivers to measure KPIs
3.0 BSC critic: Practical use
3.1 BSC critic: Limitations
3.2 BSC critic: Evaluation
3.3 BSC critic: Reading
4.0 BSC introduction and objectives (tesco)
4.1 BSC KPI measures
4.2 BSC targets
4.3 BSC initiatives
5.0 Strategy Map: BSC summary and Links
5.1 Strategy Map communication strategies
6.0 BSC recommendations: Quality
6.1 BSC recommendations: Justification
7.0 Executive summary

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