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Theme of the Assignment

The Pearson-set theme for use with Unit 6: Managing a Successful Business Project is Corporate Social Responsibility and its importance for sustainability and competitive advantage ‘Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.’ (World Business Council for Sustainable Development).
Businesses worldwide have increasingly embraced the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a means to develop and adopt sustainable practices and approaches in their business operations. It is a multifaceted concept that encompasses many different aspects ranging from philanthropy, ethical responsibilities and environmental considerations.
Most recently, in response to maximising stakeholder value and expectations, the strategic benefits of CSR has seen many companies having a competitive advantage. Together with the rise of globalisation, companies now employ CSR managers, experts and consultants to produce comprehensive CSR policies and programmes, to give them a competitive edge and build stakeholder trust and loyalty.
This assignment will enable students to examine the multi dimensions of CSR within the context of business operations applied to a small-scale project. This will provide the opportunity for students to contextualise the principles of CSR and explore the merits of CSR in relation to meeting competitive and sustainable organisational objectives.


The corporate company where you now has recently faced huge public backlash dueto its unethical way of running the business. The scandal has hit the company so much that the senior management is thinking of re-branding the company. Their decision is to start a fresh, new highly ethical and socially responsible company. They are looking for right ideas and suggestions to start a socially responsible company.
Like some of your other colleagues you have been asked to work on this project and individually submit a ‘professional research report’ on how to start a socially responsible company.
In your investigative report, you should
• Identify the aims and objectives for the project.
• Produce an appropriate project management plan that includes relevant actions to meet objectives and time frames.
• Conduct research to generate knowledge which will form the basis for analysis of the scenario posed in the brief.
• Analyse your findings and draw conclusions to form the basis for recommendations.
• Present and produce your project in an appropriate manner for the intended audience.
• Communicate your recommendations in an appropriate manner for the intended audience.
• Complete a performance review that addresses the following:
• The success of the project and its usefulness in supporting organisational performance.
• Your own performance.
Your report should cover the requirements mentioned above. In addition you should follow the ‘Guidance for Students’ to adhere to different necessary steps important for successfully finish your task.

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Guidance for Students

You should read all information provided before starting on your project. You should refer to these instructions as you complete work for this unit.
• Read the scenario and requirements mentioned and think about what the project is asking.
• Research about the project. How can you approach the problem, opportunity, hypothesis and requirements being posed?
• Apply a range of secondary research sources to plan/scope and support the project and its findings. Secondary research sources may include textbooks, journal articles, newspapers and magazine articles (not factual accounts).
• Develop your project plan based on the deliverables of the project, the constraints of the project and the assumptions made.
• Conduct your project according to your stated project plan and meet with your tutor to receive a sign-off at each stage of the project process.
• Primary research sources may include original first-hand accounts, legal and historical documents, results of experiments and market research data collection. Apply both qualitative and quantitative research methods to evaluate data collected from primary research.
• Keep notes of your progress throughout the project in your logbook. This is an important record of your work and must be used to record the development of your ideas and your progress through the project. The logbook should include:
• A record of what you did, when and what you were thinking.
• A record of where things went wrong and what you did to overcome any unexpected results.
• You will be asked to reflect on the success of your project and your own performance in a personal performance review at the end of the project. This is a written reflection of around 500 words.
• You must complete the project in order to complete your work for this unit.
Upon completion of your research now write professional research report covering Task 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Task 1: Establish Project Aims, Objectives and Timeframes Based on the Chosen Theme.(LO1: P1, P2, P3& M1)
In order to achieve PASS in this task, you must answer the following
1.1 Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen scenario. (P1).
1.2Produce a project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources. (P2).
1.3 Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart to provide timeframes and stages for completion. (P3)
In order to achieve MERIT in this task you must answer the following
1.4 Produce a comprehensive project management plan, milestone schedule and project schedule for monitoring and completing the aims and objectives of the project. (M1).

Task 2: Conduct Small-Scale Research, Information Gathering and Data Collection, Generating Knowledge to Support the Project. (LO2: P4, M2 & D1).

In order to achieve PASS in this task, you must answer the following
2.1 Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives. (P4).
In order to achieve MERIT in this task you must answer the following
2.2 Evaluate the accuracy and reliability of different research methods applied. (M2).
In order to achieve DISTINCTION in task 1 & 2you must answer the following
2.3 Critically evaluate the project management process and appropriate research methodologies applied. (D1).

Task 3: Present the Project and Communicate Appropriate Recommendations Based on Meaningful Conclusions Drawn from the Evidence Findings and/or Analysis. (LO3: P5, P6, & M3).

In order to achieve PASS in this task, you must answer the following
3.1 Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and techniques.(P5).
3.2 Communicate appropriate recommendations as a result of research and data analysis to draw valid and meaningful conclusions. (P6).
In order to achieve MERIT in this taskyou must answer the following:
3.3Evaluate the selection of appropriate tools and techniques for accuracy and authenticity to support and justify recommendations. (M3).

Task 4: Reflect on the Value Gained from Conducting the Project and its Usefulness to Support Sustainable Organisational Performance. (LO3: P7, M4, &D2).

In order to achieve PASS in this task, you must answer the following
4.1 Reflect on the value of undertaking the research to meet stated objectives and own learning and performance. (P7).
In order to achieve MERIT in this task you must answer the following
4.2Evaluate the value of the project management process and use of quality research to meet stated objectives and support own learning and performance. (M4).
In order to achieve DISTINCTION in task 3 & 4 you must answer the following
4.3 Critically evaluate and reflect on the project outcomes, the decision-making process and changes or developments of the initial project management plan to support justification of recommendations and learning during the project. (D2).

Performance Review

What was the project supposed to accomplish?
• Did the project succeed in its aims? How do you know? Specifically, please outline any evaluation and assessment undertaken.
• What things do you think worked well and why? Evaluate all aspects of the project (e.g. initial inception, project activities and project outcomes) from a range of perspectives.
• What problems emerged during the project and how were they tackled? Was there timely identification of issues and resolution during the project process?
• What did you learn from undertaking the project?
• How would you rate your performance as project manager?
• What strengths and weaknesses of your performance did you identify?
• How will this inform and support your continuous professional development?

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