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Biology always does not revolve around organism and living mechanism of plants and animals. By-products are also important sections of this subject. But when you are given assignment on by-products and are expected to write pages after pages about it, are you sure you know the correct information to score high? You may not, but we are.

What are By-products?


Any chemical reaction taking place within a substance delivers a secondary product. That secondary production from such reaction or from manufacturing process is known as a by-product. It is not a primary product. A by-product is the ‘output from a joint production process that is minor in quantity when compared with main product.

How can By-Products be Beneficial?


Although, these by-products when are used for industrial purpose, they assist in the generation of less revenue. But there are instances when on utilizing joint production process; these by-products are used for creating another product. It is entirely dependent on the quality of the principle product whose result is either a high or low-quality by-products.
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What are the Major By-products?


Byproducts are divided into four categories

1. Vegetation

• Ethanol fermentation gives brewer’s yeast.
• Kraft process helps in production of cellulose pulp which gives black liquor.
• Production of biodiesel gives glycerol.

2. Petrochemical and minerals

• Copper extraction gives molybdenum.
• Ore refining gives slag.
• Flue-gas desulfurization gives gypsum.
• Combustion of coal gives fly ash.
• Natural gas extraction gives helium.

3. Animal Sources

• Poultry processing gives feathers and feathers meal.
• Cleaning of wool gives lanolin.
• Animal husbandry gives manure.

4. Other Sources

• Carbon dioxide from burning process.
• Waste water treatment gives away sludge.

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In biology, by-products mean either a good factor for the environment or an adverse one. The wastes which are useful can be utilized by humans (companies and industries) to be marketable. You may be unaware or have a vague understanding of the importance of such by-products. Similarly, it may be regarding its ill effects too.

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