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Is chemical kinetics tough for you? Some students find the study of rate reactions as complicated because they are unable to grasp about what is actually happening during a chemical reaction. Chemical kinetics assignment help proves to be the best platform for these students in helping them to understand the concepts of the subject. This topic specifically deals with the investigation of rate of different reactions and the factors responsible for changing these rates. However, the applications of chemical kinetics can be found in a number of areas including manufacturing of chemicals and industrial products, decomposition of wastes and even in day-to-day life.

About Chemical Kinetics


Chemical kinetics also goes by the name reaction kinetics. It deals with the rate of the chemical processes, the experimental factors which influence the rate and the mechanism of reaction as well as the intermediate transition compounds formed during a chemical reaction. It also uses mathematical models and formulas to predict the rate of reaction when the initial compounds are known. The rate of reaction is mainly governed by the law of mass action, which states that the rate of any chemical reaction depends directly on the amount of the reacting compounds. Chemical kinetics assignment help has the basic concept of chemical kinetics explained in an easy to understand manner so that students can easily relate to them.

Order of Reaction


The order of a reaction is defined as the sum total of the power of concentration of reactants which are present in the rate equation of that chemical reaction. The reactions may be of the first, second or third order. The dependency of the rate of reaction on the reactants can be easily identified using the order.
Zero order reactions are not dependent on the concentration of reactants.
First order reactions are dependent on one reactant, and so on.
Also, using the order of reactions, mathematical models are created to assess further information regarding the reactions. Everything about the order of reaction is covered in details in chemical kinetics assignment help.

Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction


Nature of the reactants: The bond strength between the molecules in the reactants will directly affect the rate. Reactants with ionic bonds may react faster in aqueous solution than those with covalent bonds.
Physical state: In general, gases and liquids have higher surface areas and hence tend to react faster than the solid reactants.
Surface area: Again, if the solid reactants are finely chopped, it will increase the rate of reaction.
Concentration: Generally, more the number of molecules in a given space, more is the interaction amongst them and hence more is the reaction rate and vice versa.
Temperature: depending on the heat change during a reaction, change in temperature may increase or decrease the reaction rate.
Pressure: if the reactants are pressurised, especially the gaseous ones, the reaction rate will increase due to increased collisions.
Catalysts: These are compounds which alter the reaction rate without being chemically affected.
Chemical kinetics assignment help explains all these factors with examples to completely cover the concepts.
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