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What do you mean by Communication?


In simple means: – The act of transferring data or information from one place to another.It is a means of connecting places or people. In business communication is one the key function of management, you cannot business operation without communication. It is simple in definition but it became complex when we thought of how to communicate.
In other words “The exchanging or imparting of information by writing, speaking or by some other means”.

Components of Communication


For any communication there is at least one receiver and a sender, a message, and analysis of meaning on both the ends. Receiver after receiving the message gives his feedback to the sender. Signals of the feedback can be nonverbal or verbal. If both are communicating face to face then not only the message part is communicate but also the non-verbal part is communicate. If receiver hearing the voice also then he can picks also the emotions and emphasis attached with the voice.

Different way of Communication


There are different way to communicate and more than one may occur at any time. The different way of communication include

• Verbal or spoken communication:- It is the use of words and sounds to express yourself, instead of using mannerism or gesture which is a contrast of non-verbal. Some of verbal communication is telephone, face to face, television or radio or any other media.

• Non-verbal communication: – Where you observe a person and infer meaning. Elements and behavior of speech apart from the words themselves that explain meaning. Its plays an important role in how we transmit information and meaning to others, and also how we analyze and interpret the action of the people who is around us. When anybody says along with her or his appearance, tone of voice and expressions might tell a great things about what that person is really trying to say. The different example of non-verbal communication is eye gaze, facial expressions, haptics, gestures, body language, proxemics, appearances, paralinguistics, how to dress or act.

• Written communications: – Any type of message that makes use of written word. For business communication, written communication is one of the important and effective one. The different types of written communication which is generally used is e-mails, magazine, letters, books, and internet. Some of the advantages of written communication is that it is precise and accurate, you have a permanent record, understanding is always clear, it is also served as legal document, confidentiality can be maintained, delegation of authority, distortion chances are very less.

• Visualizations: – The representation of a situation, set of information or object as other image or chart. Some of the advantage of data visualization is quick identification of latest trends, direct interaction with data, and drill down sales analysis, quick access to relevant business insights, better understanding of business and operational activities, accurate customer sentiment analysis.The various examples of visualizations is maps, charts, graphs, logos etc.
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