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Computer Architecture Assignment Help

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Computer Architecture is the study of integrating various components to attain a certain level of functionality and performance. It is concerned with the behavior of different functional modules and their interaction with each other to fulfill the processing needs of the computer. According to Computer Architecture Assignment Help, the architecture of a computer is described by the von Neumann Architecture. The central processing unit consists of the control unit and arithmetic logic unit. The control unit is responsible for the fetch phase and execution phase.
It interacts with the memory unit and the input and output devices. A register is another important component of the Central processing unit. There are different types of registers like program counter, instruction register, status registers etc. Computer Architecture Assignment Help tells us that Central processing unit is responsible for all the processing that is carried out in a computer. The memory unit stores all the data and instruction that is required by the central processing unit. The input devices are responsible for the taking the set of inputs for the processing and the output devices are needed to display the processed data.

Memory Organization In Computer Architecture

Memory is used to store the information and is a collection of all the storage units. Mainly, there are two types of memories, one is volatile and the other is non-volatile. Computer Architecture Assignment Help explains the total memory capacity in the form of a hierarchical order.

• Register memory-

Register memory is very small in size but very fast while transferring the data between the processor and the memory unit. It is built in the central processing unit.

• Cache memory-

Computer Architecture Assignment Help describes Cache memory as a special type of memory that is used to reduce the time delay between the processor and the main memory. The main memory is usually slower than the processor, so the processor has to wait for retrieval of the information. The cache memory contains some blocks of the main memory such that the processor can access the data from the cache memory itself.

• Main memory-

The main memory of the computer stores the operating system of the computer. There are two types of main memory, the Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM). The data can be randomly accessed from RAM without any processing. The data in the RAM is usually volatile.

• Magnetic disks-

Magnetic disks are the auxiliary storage units which use magnetization process to write and access data. It stores the data in the tracks and sectors. The most common examples of magnetic disks are hard disks, floppy disks etc.

• Magnetic tapes-

It is given in Computer Architecture Assignment Help that magnetic tapes are also a type of auxiliary storage for storing different kinds of data. It was originally designed to store sounds. It stores the data on a tape and is a major storage device for audio and binary data storage.
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