Computer Networking Assignment Help

Computer Networking Assignment Help

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Computer networking is an integral part of data sharing. It is a system that consists of multiple connected computers such that each of them can share information and resources. The files which are created on a computer can be accessed by the other computers which are connected over a network. It is also possible to share the peripherals and use all the machines until the devices are on the same network. Computer Networking Assignment Help tells us that there are three major types of computer networks namely LAN, MAN, and WAN. LAN stands for Local Area Network.
It covers a group of computers and peripherals that share a communication line or wireless connection within a specific geographic area and it has a limited range like a building, office etc. MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network. It is given in Computer Networking Assignment Help that it covers a geographic region larger than LAN but smaller than WAN. It interconnects the computers and devices by bridging several LAN networks through backbone lines. WAN is used to define the Wide Area Network. Computer Networking Assignment Help discusses that WAN covers the largest of geographical area as compared to LAN and MAN, and it can be used to interconnect them too. WAN can be implemented with the help of a public transmission system or any private network.

Components Of A Computer Network

A few hardware components are necessary to create a computer network. They are discussed below in Computer Networking Assignment Help.

• Network Cables: –

Network cables are the connectors which are used for the transfer of data among the computers, routers, switches and various storage area networks. They are the essential carriers or medium through the data usually flows. There are many types of cables and they are selected on the basis of network topography. The most common ones are the twisted pair cables.

• Distributors: –

When it is necessary to connect many computers to form a network it cannot be done via serial ports. This problem can be solved by using a centralized body called the distributors, such that other computers, printers, scanners and various peripherals can be connected to it. It is mentioned in Computer Networking Assignment Help that distributors are responsible to distribute the network traffic as well.

• Routers: –

Routers are the central devices which are required to connect multiple computer networks together. This can be done through wired connections or wireless connections. A router’s memory holds an embedded operating system which is different from the generally used operating systems.

• Network Cards: –

One of the most important components of a computer network is the network card, without which it is not possible for a device to connect to any network. Network card is also known as Network Interface Card (NIC) or the network adapter. They are further categorized into two types known as the external network cards and the internal network cards.
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