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The corporate financial statements are the financial reports that gives outputs and data about the business transactions of an organization. It provides an analysed summary on short and long-term financial condition of a business. One of its main objectives is to provide financial information that helps the management to estimate total profitability in a business. Corporate Financial Statements Assignment Help is quite complex in nature and is divided into four basic types. These statements are useful while taking economic decisions. To understand the corporate business statements one must have significant knowledge of economics, finance and business activities. Corporate Financial Statements Assignment Help provides students with all necessary notes and assignments required to understand corporate financial statement.

Types of Corporate Financial Statements


There are four basic types of Corporate Financial Statements that lay the foundation of corporate environment and products and those are given below

• Balance Sheet- The balance sheet is also called as the Statement of financial position. It is a financial statement that provides information about the financial position of the firm at a particular date. It is a very important for shareholders, creditors and investors. Assets and liabilities are the two prime components of balance sheet. One of the important objectives of the balance sheet is to help the investors to know the earning capacity of a firm which provides sufficient information whether or not to invest in that firm. To know more about balance sheet, kindly refer Corporate Financial Statements Assignment Help.

• Income Statement- These statements are also called as profit-loss statements. The income statement provides the summary of incomes and losses of a firm at the end of a financial period. In other word it can be said that income statements are used to show the earning capacity of a firm. One of the significant characteristics of income statement is that it is a flow statement and it records the movement of expenses i.e. the inflows and outflows of expenses. Income statement is prepared at the end of a particular period and so it is also called as a periodical statement.

• Statement of retained earnings-This statement provides a summary on the changes that occur in the retained earnings of a company. It deals with the items relating to the proposed dividend, interim dividend, distribution of profit, etc. To know more about the characteristics, objectives and features of statement of retained earnings, kindly refer Corporate Financial Statements Assignment Help.

• Statement of cash flows- Statement of cash flows is also known as Cash Flow Statements. It provides detailed information on the cash flow activities of a company. It covers the fields of operating, investing and financing activities of a company. Cash flow statements are an important aspect of a corporate business model which helps the management to decide and improve performances related to budgeting. Corporate Financial Statements Assignment Help can be referred to know more about various financial statements involved in corporate finance.

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