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Every company has its own corporate report depending on the predetermined objectives or goals. There are four types of corporate reports explained in the next section of Corporate Reports Assignment Help, they are- integrated reports, executive remuneration reports, financial reports and corporate governance reports. These reports are based on the references, facts and statistical data about the company. Corporate Reports Assignment Help gives detailed information regarding the subject and covers all major portions such that students can understand and comprehend the concept. Each and every corporate report has its unique form and style. The pattern and style of the report depends on its purpose. Corporate Reports Assignment Help tells us more about the different types of corporate reports and their purpose.

Types of Corporate Reports


The different types of corporate reports discussed in Corporate Reports Assignment Help are given below

• Financial Reports-Corporate financial reports include all important financial operations and condition of a firm. It is a report prepared by adding statements such as income statement, balance sheet, statement of retained earnings, statement of cash flows, etc. Financial reports play a vital role in monitoring the financial health and activities of a firm. These reports help the management to make effective decisions in order to accomplish the company’s overall strategies and objectives. It works as a mirror for investors and shareholders by providing information about the firm so as to help them deciding whether or not to invest in that particular firm. By the help of these reports, the management can plan long-term financial goals for the company.

• Integrated Reports-Integrated corporate reports includes information such as strategy taken by the firm, risk taking ability and other information about the firm. These reports also contain information about different strategies of the firm. Integrated reports should be at least of 20 pages and not more than that. It links both financial and non-financial data to estimate how current operations of the company might affect its long-term profits. Integrated reports are completely different from annual reports as the former is intended to analyse long-term profits in the business. Corporate Reports Assignment Help explains all topics in a detailed manner including features and uses of integrated reports.

• Executive Remuneration Reports-This report contains various commentary and analysis on the top issues and trends in executive remuneration. The main components of executive remuneration report are- commissions, perks, long-term incentives, bonus, salary, etc. Corporate Reports Assignment Help provides a complete insight into all important sections of executive remuneration reports.

• Corporate Governance Reports- Each Company has its own corporate governance report. On the basis of company’s objectives, these reports differ from company to company. A corporate governance report include corporate governance principles and guidelines that help the management. The key principles of corporate governance include responsibility, accountability, transparency, merit-based management, etc. To know more about corporate governance and other corporate reports, please refer Corporate Reports Assignment Help by searching over web.
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