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Data Structures Assignment Help

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Data structures store the data in a specified manner such that there is a way of collecting and working with the data. Data Structures Assignment Help informs us that the data structures are designed to organize the data and serve a specific purpose. It stores the data elements on the basis of any relationship for efficient storage. They are designed such that data can be stored and operated in accordance with various algorithms. Data Structures Assignment Help discusses the basic operations performed on several data structures.
They are traversal, search, insertion, sorting, merging and deletion. Traversing is defined as moving across the data elements. Insertion and deletion of elements mean addition or removal of elements from the data structure. Sorting of a data structure is basically the arrangement of the data elements in a particular order. The combination of two data structures is known as merging. Search operation is performed on the data structure to find the position of elements.

Basic Types Of Data structures

Data structures can be divided into two types. They are primitive data structures and abstract data structures. It is already mentioned in Data Structures Assignment Help that everything that stores data in any form is referred to as data structure. Therefore Float, Boolean, Integer, Character can be termed as primitive data structures. The complex data structures are known as the abstract data structures. A few of the abstract data structures are discussed below in Data Structures Assignment Help. They are: –

• Linked List: –

A linked list is a linear data structure in which each element is treated as a separate object. Each object is known as a node and it consists of two sections. One section holds the data and the other consists of the reference to the next node. The entry point of a linked list is known as the head and the reference is the last node is null.

• Tree: –

Trees is a non-linear data structure. It is the collection of nodes connected by edges. The edges may be directed or undirected. The starting node is known as the root node or the parent node and the other nodes are known as child nodes.

• Graph: –

Graph is a data structure that consists of two components. The first is the set of vertices and the second is the set of ordered pair known as the edge.

• Stack: –

Stack is a simple data structure that has a bounded capacity. The addition and removal of the elements have to take place in a specific order. Data Structures Assignment Help tells us that a stack works on the principle of LIFO, i.e. Last In First Out. The elements can be added or removed only from the top of the stack.

• Queue: –

The only difference between queue and stack is that queue works on the principle of FIFO i.e. First In First Out. The data elements can be added or removed from the first position only.
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