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The defensive strategies homework help elucidates the topic in such a manner that the student can easily understand it without facing any difficulties. The management tools that can be utilized to fend off a strafe from a potential competitor are known as defensivestrategies.Defensive strategies are only utilized by market leaders in strategic management.

The defensive strategy homework help lists out different sorts of defensive strategies which are included in the study of the subject. Following are some of them which are elaborated finely under the assistance of defensive strategy homework help.

Position Defense

The position defense is the simplest defensive strategy. It simply encompasses trying to hold your contemporaneous position in the market. To do this, you simply pursue to subsidize in your current markets and seek to erect your brand name and customer loyalty. The issue with this strategy is that it can mould you a quarry for new entrants to the market.

Mobile Defense


The mobile defense embraces fabricating persistent changes to your business so that it is arduous for competitors to contend with you. This can incorporate instigating new products, entering advanced markets or simply creating alterations to existing products.

Flanking Defense

When a firm appliesthe flanking defense, it pivots on its market share by diversifying into advanced markets and niche segments. The intention behind the strategy is that if you drop your market share in the existing market you can forgeup for it in these modern markets.

Counter-Offensive Defense

The counter-offensive defense is a retaliatory strategy. When a competitor pounces your business, you hit back with your own ambush.

Contraction Defense


The contraction defense is the least prudent defense because it includes retreating from markets. If you don’t trust you can profitably uphold those markets,however, then it can be the best alternative. This permits you to redeploy your resources into other areas.
So the defensive strategy homework help guides the students very efficiently so that they can gain complete knowledge under one shade.
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