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An essay is a piece of writing assigned by the teachers. Essay writing improves writing skills and enhances vocabulary of students. English essay writing is very essential for students as it helps them to gain admission in colleges and universities. It contains several elements like arguments, criticism, irony, metaphor, phrases, etc. English Essay Writing Help covers different types of essays with proper examples. A well-written essay will definitely fetch good marks thereby improving the overall grades. English Essay Writing Help throws light on various types of essays, its classification and importance.

Different Types of Essays


There are various types of essays and each of them has a unique style and pattern. English Essay Writing Help throws light on some important essays and are as follows

• Admission Essay- It is also known as application essay and is written by students applying for admission in schools, colleges and universities. Admission essays are used by the examiner to evaluate and compare the efficiency of applicants among each other. In many cases, these essays are used as a deciding factor whether the applicant will be selected or not.

• Argumentative Essay- It is also known as persuasive essay and is written to convince the readers to accept the writer’s point of view. The writer should include proper evidences and facts in the essay in order to take a stand on the issue. Sarcasm and irony are included in the writing to persuade the readers. English Essay Writing Help provides various easy steps to write a proper argumentative essay.

• Narrative Essay- This essay is written with the thought of conveying a story. It can be referred as a story-telling essay. While writing narrative essays, punctuation, grammar, theme organization, characterization, dialogue, plot development, etc should be taken care of. It involves a lot of critical thinking and story-telling ability. Examples of narrative essays include- First Day at college, a memorable trip with friends, the long ride, etc. Students looking for various essays can refer English Essay Writing Help where a wide range of high quality essays are catered by our proficient writers.

• Informal Essay- It is usually written to express one’s opinion and observations in an indirect fashion using examples, illustrations, quotes, rhetorical questions, etc. Informal Essays do not follow a rigid structure and its content is about contemporary or personal issues. The main aim of writing an informal essay is to express one’s thought on a specific topic. Examples of informal essays include- reincarnation, the best journey of my life, my favorite sports, etc.

• Comparison Essay- This essay is written to compare between two things. In this essay, the writer is given a topic and is asked to analyze it by putting facts either for or against the issue. The comparison could be done between different circumstances, events, people, views, etc. Other types of essays can be studied by referring English Essay Writing Help.
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