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The EFE matrix is the strategic tool utilized to gauge firm prevailing strategies, EFE matrix can be elucidated as the strategic tool to assess external environment or macro environment of the firm consists economic, social, technological, government, political, legal and competitive information.The EFE matrix consists of following attributes which are mentioned below with the guidance of External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix homework help.



The chances that exist in the external environment are Opportunities.It clings to firm whether the firm is willing to use the opportunities or maybe they snub the opportunities due to lack of resources.

Threats are consistently evil for the firm, minimum no of threats in the outer environment open many doors for the firm. Utmost number of threats for the firm lessen their power in the industry.


Rating in EFE matrix typify the response of firm in the vicinity of the opportunities and threats. Highest the rating better the reply of the firm to exploit opportunities and uphold the threats.


The External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix homework help then discusses about one another attribute which is called as weight. Weight attribute in EFE matrix stipulates the relative significance of factor to being successful in the firm’s industry.

Weighted Score


Weighted score value is the sequel attained after multiplying each factor rating with the weight.

Steps in Developing EFE Matrix


The External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix homework help assists the students with the various steps included in the development of the EFE Matrix in an organized manner.

1. Ascertain an enumeration of KEY external factors (critical success factors).
2. Allot a weight to every factor, ranging from 0 (not important) to 1.0 (very important).
3. Allocate a 1-4 rating to each critical success factor to designate how effectively the firm’s current strategies respond to the factor. (1 = response is poor, 4 = reply is immensely good)
4. Multiply all factor’s weight by its rating to govern a weighted score.
5. Sum the weighted scores.

Hence the External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix homework help always furnishes the students’ knowledge so that they can gather more information about the topic and go through it very easily.
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