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Meaning of Finance


Finance, literally means that it is concerned with a decision about money or more appropriately about the cash flows. This is a platform, which is concerned with the allocation of assets (investments) and liabilities, which are the elements of a Balance sheet. We can define Finance as the science of money management.

In a positive sense, we can term finance as making good use of money. There are two kinds of people in this world – those who don’t have enough money (or resources), and those who have too much of it. Some people, who need money, have to borrow it and others lend to them. This is finance. Government, Public Sector Unit (Ex. Bank), Companies and Individuals are involved in this type of transactions. The term finance essentially refers to allocation of resources.

There are mainly two types of finance

• Debt Finance – money borrowed from external lenders, such as a bank
• Equity Finance – investing own money, or funds from other shareholders, in return of partial ownership.

Any time a sum of money (or capital assets) are re-allocated from one place to another, which is finance. In other words, we can say “to finance meansto provide or obtain funds, capital or credit” or to manage financial resources.” This requires lots of different kinds of finance professionals. It is these people who keep track of where all the money goes and in some cases make sure the right amount of taxes is paid. Financial professionals also make sure that the revenue collected as different types of tax by the government is spent properly. They are also those who manage specific funds of money to make sure it’s all being used well, and to find new opportunities to use it better (meaning gain higher interest payments from borrowers). And there are many more career tracks. A finance degree taken by anyone can open the door for international students to any part of this career field.

Finance Online Test


The purpose of this Finance Online Test is to evaluate one’s Financial Management knowledge himself. These types of tests are generally done by Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Financial Management. To hire smarter financial manager or analyst for an organization Finance online test is conducted. Doing this test the assessment relating to one’s verbal ability, reasoning ability, and data analysis skills about finance can be done.

Finance experts are expected to deserve qualities like clarity of thought, strong logical reasoning in order to undertake complex calculations, manage budgets and resources effectively, implement research and feasibility studies and communicate with clients effectively.To measure these type of qualities or knowledge,finance online testis done. This most important part of taking finance online test is to find a candidate who has a complete knowledge relating to these qualities and that to in a competitive manner. Finance online testing is a platform where one can be tested about thorough knowledge of the subject with little chance of copying of the answers between the participants.One should have well prepared and practiced in his studies of financial management, so that he could be confident for giving finance online test.
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