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Finance is a very important subject in the field of business management. Today it is the most selected subject by students. Foreign students mainly of UK, USA and Australia are taking it as major subject, so that they can run their organization efficiently. Financial statement analysis is also known as financial analysis. It is actually reviewing and observing a company’s financial statements, so that they can take best economic decisions. Financial statement is company’s data and collection of all the information regarding income, profit, loss and position of organization in the market. Financial statement analysis is known as an evaluation method for determining the past, current and future projected performance of any organization. Students have to be updated in this field, because finance is known as language of business management. Hence, students are assigning online financial statement analysis case study assignment help to get best knowledge in finance department.

Different Varieties of Analysis


• Horizontal Analysis: in this case analysis is done over time mainly of past quarters or years. In this analysis comparison happens of different past years like comparing income statements. When managers compares data of past they also analyse the income, profit and outcome of the organizations.

• Vertical Analysis: this analysis is also known as normalization or common-sizing analysis. In this each section is done as a percentage. For example income statement each line is done as percentage of gross sales.

What is Financial Analysis Ratios?


Financial ratios are very important tools to know the financial condition of the organization. It also helps to perform some quick analysis of the financial statements. In recent analysis there are four categories of financial ratios they are activity ratio, leverage ratio, liquidity ratio and profitability ratio. The first one is liquidity analysis ratio which is used to determine how easily and quickly one company can turn its resources and assets in cash and profit, in case of financial crises and bankruptcy. Second one is activity ratio, it is used to show how one company is well managing the company’s resources. The very two common ratios are accounts receivable turnover and accounts payable turnover. Third one is leverage ratio it helps to depict how much a company can relies up to its debt for function of important operations. Last one is Probability ratio it helps to determine the profit part of the company. Some examples are breakeven point, gross profit ratio and many more.

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The experts of financial department are too smart and knowledgeable. Finance is a very good department business management. It consists of all mathematical relations of business. One has to be very efficient in maths for opting finance as their major subject. Financial analysis plays a great role to develop and give progressive mood to organizations. Financial statement analysis case study assignment help experts are all time available to help students.

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