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For the functioning of a company, regular funds are required which can be invested and the returns be reinvested. It requires the capital from shareholders along with a certain amount of debt. Every company has a unique way of maintaining the balance between the equity and debt. This is termed as the financing mix as this decides the exact mixture of long term debt and equity being chosen by the firm. The firm must arrange for cheaper way of fund financing and decide the suitable amount which should be borrowed for best interest of the company. Since a part of company’s earnings go to the creditors and another to the stockholders, there is a fixed ratio between debit and equity. The concepts under financing mix can be lucid and difficult to understand. Hence, Financing Mix Homework Help shall thrive to simplify the learning process.

Approaches of Financing Mix

The different approaches of financing fix explained in Financing Mix Homework Help are
• Hedging approach- This approach is otherwise called the matching approach. It suggests that the kind of asset that requires funds should match with the maturity of source of the finance. This approach segregates the financial requirements into two parts: permanent capital and temporary capital. The permanent capital is the sum of basic funds required to keep up with the business. While the temporary capital is the variable need of money for different purposes and changing requirement of assets. Hedging approach tells to use the permanent capital from the long term resources. Whereas the seasonal requirements should be taken care of by the short term sources. This approach decreases the profits along with the risks.
• Conservative approach- The conservative approach categorically states that the funds required for buying any asset should be provided from the long term sources. The short term sources should only be used during emergency that a company faces. Although this approach decreases the risk levels significantly, it also makes it unavoidable to pay for increased financing. This is due to the reason that interest needs to be paid for the periodic requirements of the firm too. This scenario doesn’t prove to be profitable for the company. For further information on financing mix and its approaches, go through Financing Mix Homework Help. Often a blend of hedging approach and conservative approach is preferred in firms.
• Aggressive approach-This approach increases the profit level to maximum heights. Simultaneously though the risks grow manifold. The basic guideline for this approach is that the investments for assets should be done from the short term sources. It even emphasizes that some portion of the fixed assets should be created from the short term resources too. For better insights on the various approaches used in financing mix, refer Financing Mix Homework Help.

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