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At the outset let us first understand about the term “Geography”.Systematic study of the Earth’s surface and its various natural resources, climates, countries and peoples are known as Geography. People who studygeography are called geographers. Geographers’ interest mainly relates in Earth’s physical features, such as mountains, deserts, rivers, and oceans. They are also interested in the ways that people affect and are affected by the natural world. Geography in other words means “description of the earth’s surface.” Geography is the study of Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places, and environments. Broadly geography can be divided in two types as physical geography and human geography.

Geography Dissertation Writing


Geography Dissertation Writing is no doubt a tough, challenging and tedious job, which on the other hand a very rewarding also. Butin reality, there is nothing which cannot be possible. It is only you have to move consistently towards the right direction along with right guidelines.The geography dissertation or research mainly consists of steps like surveys, data analysis, document analysis, public opinion analysis etc. It is always vital to select a right topic for your geography dissertation writing. First of all loads of data have to be bagged. Thenfrom these data, lots of samples to be collected and processed them in the lab. Then only starts write it up.The key in writing good geography dissertation writing is to understand the basic structure that the dissertation is well designed and finishes with sound conclusions, supported by the data.
Following is the structure to be followed in geography dissertation writing
1. Introduction/Title
It is also the title or cover page of your geography dissertation writing where you should set out your basis first. Write briefly something about the key subject of your own work, about your research agenda, your aims and objectives. The title of dissertation, the reasonto submit dissertation etc. to be mentioned here.
2. Literature Review
Here, the key findings of the research are to be first reviewed and then placed.Here you should pointout what is known and what is unknown or any discrepancies.
3. Results
Here the final results of the evaluation of data collected are to be placed. The results can also be place in tabular formwith appropriate statistical account.
4. Discussion
This is somehow the hardest and most important part. Time should be spared on this section. A well Discussion will must help the good dissertations writing.
5. Conclusions
Conclusions are the summary of the research work. Conclusions must always be brief but should summaries your work, subject matter, your results.
First Draft
In this way, first draft of the geography dissertation writing will get ready. Then checking of spelling, grammar, each reference and structure of the draft made is done carefully by taking a print out of the same.In this way we should try the first drafts to concise.

Final draft
Finally, we have a refined, well-written geography dissertation writing that hopefully is praiseworthy. Now we can submit it.
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