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What is History?


Let’s first know about the meaning of History. ‘History’ is the study of past activities relating to more particularly about human affairs. It is the whole series of past events connected with a particular person or thing. History is the branch of knowledge dealing with systematic narration of past events relating to a particular people, country, periodetc. It is usually kept in written form and in a chronological account basis.

History Dissertation


Areas or Types of study of History Dissertation

With regards to studies of History Dissertation, History may be classified into following types

1) Ancient History:the study of human history from the beginning until the Early Middle Ages is said as Ancient history.
2) Art History: It is the study of changes in Art in the context of social field

3) ComparativeHistory:It is the comparative study of past historical analysis related to social and cultural.
4) Cultural History: This is the study of culture prevail in the past.

5) Economic History: The study of use of economic activities or models practiced in the past.
6) Intellectual History: The study of intellectual ideas of the past.

7) Modern History: The study of human history of the Modern Times from the era after the middle ages is said as Modern history.
8) Military History: Military History is the study of history which relates to rivalry and wars occurred in history.

9) Political history: the study relating to politics happened in the past period.
10) Social history: This is the study of social changes occurred throughout history.
11) World history: the study of history relating to a global view point

Periods in History Dissertation


The study of Historical Dissertation emphases on happenings and developments happened in a particular period. These periods of time are given names by thehistoriansin order to facilitate classificatory generalizations.This may vary in accordance with geographical location. The time period may be as the dates of the beginning and end of a particular period. The commonly used time periods are called as Centuries and decades. The study of history dissertation may be affected with the way the periods are made and the names given to them.

Prehistoric periodization


The archaeologists who dealt mainly the prehistory period have different sets of theories. As per archeology, the method of fixing periodization is general based on changes in material culture and technology as prevalent in that period, for example: the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age etc.

History Dissertation Writing?


It can be summed up that to make History dissertation writing a good one, impressive, presentable, it should be written by putting emphasis on the above discussed points.History dissertation writing should be so presentable that it looks as it is written by an academic historian. History Dissertation writing should always made as satisfactory and should be well-researched. History dissertation writing should also be aattentively written and persuasively argued piece of work.
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