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The intensive strategies homework help defines the subject very well and puts forward the best view of the subject in an organised manner. The strategies which clamour further more intensive endeavours to ameliorate the performance of existing products in the market are bawled as intensive strategies.

Types of Intensive Strategies in Strategic Management


The intensive strategies homework help is here to list out and elucidate different types of intensive strategies to escalate the individual’s knowledge.

1. Market Penetration
2. Market Development
3. Product Development

Market Penetration

In this strategy the organization strives to strengthen its market share through substantial marketing struggles for its present products or services. This means that the organization does not pioneer new products or does not transform its existing products. Rather it expands the sales volume of its existing products by concentrating more on the marketing efforts in the existing markets. Market Penetration Strategies are applied both solely & together with other strategies.

Market Development

Market development strategy is the sort of intensive strategies in which the Business Organization initiates its existing products in the new markets or geographical areas. This means that the organization does not instigate new or modified products rather the products endures the same but the new markets are prepended by entering into new geographical areas.

Product Development


In this strategy, the organization attempts to upgrade its competitive position & sales through improvement &customization in its existing products. Usually there are huge portion of expenditures that are related with the New Product Development Strategy as it needs detailed research & development ventures to refine or revamp the products.
Hence the intensive strategies homework help provides a deep view of the concerned topic which helps the students to understand it with ease.
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