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There are two general types of costing system to alert or assign costs to products or services in managerial accounting that the company provides: “Job Order Costing” and “Process Costing”. In situations or places where the company delivers or produces a unique or custom job for its customers, there job order costing is used. Delivered products to every individual in particular suit their individual needs and every customer is treated differently. For example: as every client is different and unique in low firms or accounting firms, they uses job order costing. The company tracks the direct materials, the direct labour and the manufacturing overhead costs to determine the cost of goods manufactured (COGM) in job order costing. Job Order Costing Assignment Help provides a better insight into the job order costing.

Forms of Job Order Costing


• Actual Costing- Actual Costing is one type of job order costing. As per the name suggests, the actual costing system is a costing system that traces direct and indirect cost to a cost object by using the actual costs incurred in the job.
Actual costing systems are not commonly found in real world situations although this system is much more simplistic. For the brief idea about actual costing refer to job order costing assignment help.
• Normal Costing- many companies instead utilize a normal costing system to obtain a close approximation of the costs, especially manufacturing overhead costs due to the practical difficulties of using actual costing. In terms of access to actual costs from materials requisition forms and labour time sheets, direct materials and direct labour are much more feasible while manufacturing overhead costs pose difficulties in determining actual costs.
Many companies use a predetermined/ budgeted, manufacturing overhead rate to estimate manufacturing overhead costs due to the need for immediate access to job costs.
On the basis of labour hours or machine hours commonly the predetermined rates may be derived from the company applying overhead costs. This also get into a conclusion that to reasonably estimate manufacturing overhead costs, the company uses labour hours or machine hours that is otherwise known as the primary cost driver. The detail idea about normal cost can be abstracted from job order costing assignment help.
At times, job order costing system can be quite difficult and complex, at such situations it must track or get information or data from multiple sources, such as
• Payroll records- This is another source from which the hours worked on a specific job are charged to that job possibly also including payroll taxes, overtime, and shift differentials. For further details refer to job order costing assignment help.
• Overhead allocation- It is a branch or source of job order costing system which is derived from a cost pool and charged to each job based on some form of usage, such as labour hours incurred or machine hours used. To get the insight information regarding the sources refer to job order costing assignment help.
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