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Law Essay Writing Service

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The word Law is derived from the Teutonic word ‘Lag’, meaning definite. Law can be defined as a set of rules and regulations made and implemented by the Government. In other words, Law is a general rule of behavior enforced by the government. Each and every citizen has to abide by the laws and violation of which will be a punishable offence. On the basis of application of the laws, the courts settle disputes among the people. Various sources of law mentioned in Law Essay Writing Service include religion and morality, custom, judicial decisions, delegated legislation, scientific commentaries, equity, legislation, etc. The different types of law have been explained in the following segment of Law Essay Writing Service in a detailed manner.

Different Types Of Law

The different types of law explained in Law Essay Writing Service are given below: –

• Tax Law-

This law is concerned with all domestic and international transactions. Tax law basically deals with all legal aspects of taxation. It can be further sub-divided into formal tax law and material tax law. Features and characteristics of tax law can be studied under Law Essay Writing Service where our proficient writers have shared their knowledge.

• International Law-

This law deals with treaties and agreements between nations that help to govern the relationship with other nations, businesses with other nations and citizens of other nations. It is divided into two categories- public international law and private international law. Public International Law is concerned with the relationships between nations whereas private international law is concerned with controversies between private entities. Some important terms related to international law include international court of justice, ambassador, Security Council, Interpol, etc.

• Environmental Law-

This law is basically concerned with issues related to the environment and conservation of natural resources. It deals with issues like global warming, deforestation, acid rain, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, pollution of water, depletion of natural resources, hunting of endangered species, etc. To know more about environmental law and its role in the society, students can refer Law Essay Writing Service where each and every segment has been explained with illustrations.

• Constitutional Law-

This law deals with the powers and rights of the Government. The basic elements of constitutional law are- due process, judicial review, equal protection of law, checks and balances, separation of powers, freedom of religion, speech and press. It outlines the structure of the government and manages the relationship of government to its individual citizens. It is also called as the law of the Laws.

• Intellectual Property Law-

This law deals with the protection of the rights of authors, inventors and businesses to their inventions, creations and symbols. Copyright or trademark attorneys manage the legal aspects of brand names, contracts, slogans, visual identity, etc. Some basic protections under intellectual property law include copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets. Other types of laws can be studied under Law Essay Writing Service.
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