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Management Homework Help

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The management homework help throws light on different definitions by various researchers in a very organized manner. Views on the definition and scope of management include:

• As stated by Henri Fayol, “to manage is to prognosticate and to plan, to arrange, to command, to co-ordinate and to
• Fredmund Malik defines it as “the transformation of resources into utility.”
• Management included as one of the factors of production – along with machines, materials and money.
• Ghislain Deslandes expresses preciously it as “an exposed force, under stress to consummate results and endowed with the triple ability of constraint, emulation and imagination, wielding on subjective, interpersonal, monotonous and environmental heights”.
• Peter Drucker (1909–2005) saw the basic task of management as twofold: marketing and innovation. Nevertheless, innovation is also linked to marketing (product innovation is a central strategic marketing issue).

Nature Of Work:

The satisfaction of a range of stakeholders is the primary function of management in profitable organizations. This frequently contains creating a profit (for the shareholders), generating valued products at a reasonable cost (for customers), and replenishing great employment chances for employees. In non-profit management, add the significance of keeping the faith of patrons. Some organizations have evaluated with other methods such as employee-voting models of choosing or reviewing managers, but this is rare.

Policies and strategies in the planning process:

Next comes several policies and strategies that are involved in the planning process. In management homework help the individual gets knowledge about the various types of strategies and policies included in management.
• For each department in an organization they give mid and lower-level managers a good idea of the future plans.
• A framework is generated whereby plans and decisions are conducted.
• Mid and lower-level management may add their own plans to the business’s strategies.


Most organizations have three management levels: first-level, middle-level, and top-level managers. The management homework help also discusses about conflicting levels in detail to increase the students understanding and knowledge. The lowest level of management are First-line managers and manage the task of non-managerial individuals who are directly included with the production or creation of the organization’s products. First-line managers are time and again whooped as supervisors, but may also be bawled line managers, office managers, or even foremen.
Middle managers comprises all levels of management between the first-line level and the top level of the organization. The tasks of first-line managers are handled by these managers and may have subject such as department head, project leader, plant manager, or division manager. Top managers are liable for making organization-wide decisions and bringing into being the plans and goals that affect the entire organization. These individuals customarily have names such as executive vice president, president, managing director, chief operating officer, chief executive officer, or chairman of the board.


Colleges and universities around the world offer bachelor’s degrees, graduate degrees, diplomas and certificates in management, predominantly inside their colleges of business, business schools or faculty of management but also in other affiliated departments. There has been a surge in the online management education and training in the form of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) in the 2010s. Online education has escalated the accessibility of management training to people who do not live near a college or university, or who cannot sustain to travel to a city where such training is accessible.
While some professions stand in need of academic credentials in order to get employment in the profession e.g., law, medicine, engineering, which need, respectively the Bachelor of Law, Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Engineering degrees, management and administration situation do not necessarily need the completion of academic degrees.

Good Practices:

While management trends can amend so fast, the long term course in management has been explicated by a market clasping diversity and an ascending service industry. Managers for the time being are trained to fortify greater equality for minorities and women in the workplace, by offering enlarged flexibility in working hours, better retraining, and innovative (and usually industry-specific) performance markers.
The management homework help gives full information about all the above mentioned topics in best possible manner with full reliability in a systematic order.
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