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We can define the Liquid Asset as the assets which can be easily converted into cash having minimal impact to the price received in the open market. The money market instruments and the government bonds are included in the liquid assets. The most liquid market in the world is the foreign exchange market because of the trillions of dollars of exchanges is handed every day thus making it really impossible for any one individual to influence the exchange rate. Standard financial liquidity ratios determine and utilize liquid assets, although there is no universal formula calculates liquid assets. The features of the Liquid Assets are given in Managing Liquid Assets Homework Help.One such features is that, a liquid asset must have some established market in which many buyers and sellers exist in order to make the market price of the asset cannot be changed or easily manipulated. The ability of a company to transfer the ownership of the asset easily and quickly for full market price is one of the features of Liquid Assets. One main classification of Liquid Asset is to the lenders and creditors. There are many more importances of Managing Liquid Assets which is given in Managing Liquid Assets Homework Help.

Different Ways of Managing Liquid Assets

There are different ways to manage the Liquid Assets which are described briefly in Managing Liquid Assets Homework Help. These are
• Sweep Accounts- Sweep Accounts help to earn interest on any excess balances of the cash by simply transferring or sweeping the funds into an account which is an interest – bearing account in which the funds are not needed and can be swept back to an operating account whenever there is a need. Thus the Liquid Assets are managed.
• Overhead- the overhead costs are accessed and are decreased if there are any opportunities to do so. Profitability is directly impacted by the lowering overhead. Overhead expenses include advertisement, rent; professional fees, indirect labour, etc. are indirect labour and manages the Liquid Assets. This has been explained in Managing Liquid Assets Homework Help.
• Unproductive Assets- storing the unproductive assets is simply of no importance to the management of the liquid assets. The business has to dispose all the unproductive items. In order to influence the Managing Liquid Assets, the business has to store assets like buildings, vehicles, equipments, etc.
• Accounts Receivable- the receivable accounts are monitored effectively in order to ensure that there is proper billing to the clients and payments are received promptly. This also ensures proper Management of the Liquid Assets.
• Profitability- the profitability of various products and services are reviewed and the prices which can be increased are accessed on a daily basis in order to maintain the profitability to manage the Liquid Assets.

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