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For defining marine biology, the marine biology assignment help is here. It provides each minute details regarding the subject for its best implementation.Marine biology is the scientific study of marine life, organisms in the sea. Specified that in biology innumerable phyla, families and genera possess some species that live in the sea and variants that live on land, marine biology categorizes species rooted on the environment rather than on taxonomy.

What is Marine Biology?


• Marine biology is the education of marine organisms, their behaving manner and interactions with the environment. Marine biologists survey biological oceanography and the related fields of chemical, physical, and geological oceanography to comprehend marine organisms.
• Marine biology is a very wide area, so most researchers designate a specific area of interest and lucubrates in it. Specializations can be grounded on separate species, group, and way of acting, technique, or ecosystem.
• Molecular biology is an affiliated area of dilation in marine biology. Researchers solicit molecular methods to a number of environments varying from coastal marshes to the fathomless sea and to a variety of organisms such as viruses, plants, and fish.
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Why is Marine Science Important?


• As growing global population stresses the ability of our society to produce food, water, and shelter, we will continue to look to the oceans to help sustain our basic needs.
• Approaches in technology, amalgamated with requirements, will ameliorate our propensity to derive food, drinking water, energy sources, waste disposal, and conveyance from the ocean.
• It will be up to this and future generations to build upon our existing knowledge of the ocean and its potential to help meet the needs of the world and its inhabitants.
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• Traveling: Marine biologists disburse the majority of their time traveling to discrete islands and oceans’, organizing their experiments and study marine biology. Taking a trip is loved by many, and is the number one priority of being a marine biologist.
• Technology: many people do not think of technology as an advantage, but many marine biologist are thankful they use equipment costing as much as one million dollars to conduct research.
• Ecology: for the last advantage, and the reason most marine biologists love their work, ecology is a huge advantage for the marine biological world. Preserving wild life is what makes the study of marine biology so important.



• Physicalrisks: being a marine biologist you are spending most of your time at sea, so physical risks will always be present. Hurricanes or rough waves cause risks that are unavoidable. Although, when studying for marine biology, you can practice enough to avoid such accidents. Equipment disasters, physical encounters with species, or even getting caught under waves, are avoidable with enough practice.

• Pay: Pay could either be a disadvantage, or an advantage. Your salary depends on which one it is. Marine biology salaries range from $20,000 to $30,000 a year, although your personal salary differs.
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