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Materials may be Defined as?


Any articles which is being identified with a name i.e. rubber, chalk, plastic, wood etc. All the things which is near and around us is create with material. We had to use the best or superior quality of material to build or make any property or articles, material property can be feel, seen, touch & measured. Gas, liquid & solid particles are contain in any type of material.

What is Materials Control?

It is a systematic control over storing, purchasing and consumption of material, which helps in maintaining proper stock and also supply smoothly.
The main objective is to minimize the material cost per unit, it can be achieved with proper directions or instructions from top managerial person and at the same time it maintain the quality and quantity of material without any production loss. Inventory control and material control are not same and it’s different. Materials control is a wider term and it include inventory control. Also planning of materials, cost of production, transportation, usage control and purchase procedure are part of materials control.

Objectives of Material Control?

Some of main objectives of material control is as below

• Proper supply of material as and when required without any interruption in production.
• Excess storage or under storage of material is being prevented.
• Faster supply of materials with quick identification to the user department.

• Issue of materials is faster.
• Loss of stock from fire or theft is being prevented.
• Materials are protected from unnecessary wastage.

• Storage cost is being minimized.
• Store are protected from any kind of pilferage.
• Its fixes the responsibility.

• Its provide the proper information.

Material Control its importance and necessity

• To maintain the stock of material well within the limit.
• For material storage properly.
• For valuation of cost of production.
• For optimum utilization of material.
• To supply of material without any delay and also keep the quality and quantity of the material.

Advantages of Material Control

• Its curtails wastage in various ways such as supplies in the course of purchase and use of raw material, handling, storage and use.
• Quality and quantity of materials is being maintained and ensures uninterrupted flow of production.

• Risk of theft and fraud eliminates.
• Its helps in preparation of various report which are needed by management.

• It’s easy to find out the valuation of material.
• To buy a material amount requirement is minimize.

• Its fixes responsibility of the person who handled the material.

Material Control Homework

• Material control homework helps student to identify the various range of materials and also help them to properly describe what type of material it is. For example for making a bottle, the student can easily describe what type of material required to make a bottle and which type of bottle is best suited according to the needs. They also able to differentiate the different quality of the given material.

• Students also able to calculate the cost of production.
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