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Today there are different subjects in different universities but the importance of mathematics is much more than them. There are many students who had opted many subjects but mathematics has different scopes in life. It provide different job facilities in different sector. Equation is a very useful topic in mathematics. An equation is a statement of an equality which contains one or more variables. If we solve an equation, it determines the value of variables and make the equality true. All these concepts can be well-understood with the help of online math equation solver. The online experts are well-trained and experienced in their respective fields.

What is Equation?


Two expressions written and they are connected by equal sigh is significantly known as equation. The expression on the left side is known as left hand side and the equation written on right side is known as right hand side of the equation. The experts of math equation solver give examples of equations while explaining any equation. The most common type of equation that students use are known as algebraic equation. The expression used on both side of this equation is known as algebraic expressions. The common example of algebraic equation is

Ax2 + Bx1 + C = y

In this equation Ax2 + Bx1 + C is left hand side and it has three terms and y is right hand side, it contains only one term. X and y are unknowns and A, B and C are parameters of equation.

Applications of Equation


In the field of geometry, equation plays important role by explaining different geometric figures. It also helps to explains properties of different figures. Algebraic geometry is an important area of mathematics where students have to study properties and objective of different figures. There are two types of equations one is linear equation and second is polynomial equations. To solve these two types of equations one have to use either geometric technique or algorithmic technique. These all techniques and solutions comes from the concept of number theory. It shows that the different chapters of maths are interrelated to each other.

Equations are mainly divided according to the types of operations and quantities involved, these equations are further classified by degree like for one degree –linear equation, two degree- quadratic equation, three degree- cubic equation and so on. These are classified according to degrees.

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There are different equations and formulas related to equations. It contains functions, algebraic expressions and terms of equations. These all relatively known as mathematical equation. Differential equation is also a type of equation where functions and derivatives are related to each other. Usually equations are mainly uses for representing physical quantities. The experts of online math equation solver explains all the different types of equations and their applications. It also plays prominent role in physics, biology, engineering, economics and many more. Even the experts of math equation solver helps to find and solve the equation easily.
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