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MBA and its Introduction

The full form of MBA is MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. It is a course offered by various universities after graduation courses. The degree of MBA is generated first time in united-states in the beginning of 20th century when the companies and industrial sector need managerial person to carry on their activities. MBA program course provides higher level of degree and covers varieties of courses related to business such as accounting, business ethics, managerial economics, business communication, entrepreneurship, management analysis,etc. If an individual wants to make their carrier in the field of accounting and finance then they can positive for MBA degree as it provides specialization in many areas of business. MBA programme also include elective courses which provide knowledge in a particular area such as marketing, finance, human resources etc. The first MBA programme was introduced in 1908 in which 15 faculties members are there, 33 regular and 47 special students. It’s first year study is based on Fredrick Winslow Taylor’s scientific management. After the first year of study, the number of students increased rapidly in Harvard.
 1930: First management and leadership education programme.
 1943: First executive MBA programme for working professionals.
 1946: First MBA focused on global management.
 1950: First MBA outside of the united-states.
 1955: First MBA offered at Asian school.
 1957: First MBA offered at European school.
 1963: First MBA offered at Korea school.
 1986: First MBA programme for school with compulsory laptop computer in the classroom.
 1994: First online executive MBA programme.
The degree of MBA has been adopted world wide and all the universities of developed countries or developing countries.
Types of MBA programme
 Full time MBA programme: Generally this programme takes place to academic years to complete the course. This course starts from August or September and continues till May or June with three to four months of summer break.
 Accelerated MBA programme: It is a programme which include higher course load with more classes and examination in between classes. This course takes one year to complete. In this type of courses there is no summer break.
 Part time MBA programme: In this type programme classes are conducted on week day evening after the normal working hours. This type of course takes three or more years to complete. Generally professionals joins this type of course as they cannot leave their job for full time MBA course.
 Distance learning MBA programme: It is a programme held outside the universities campus. Generally this type of programme provide online study in varieties of formats such as correspondence courses by mail, pre recorded video, online computer course, etc. Many school provides such types of programme.
Available Jobs in the Field of MBA
Students can get following jobs after getting the degree of MBA.
 Financial analyst.
 Portfolio manager.
 Project or product manager.
 Business strategist.
 Management consultant.
 Operation analyst.
 Business development analyst.
Courses Offered by MBA
 MBA in marketing.
 MBA in human resource.
 MBA in international business.
 MBA in rural management.
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