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The ownership of the companies, their operating units or the business organizations are combined or transferred through transactions. These transactions are known as Mergers Acquisitions. In order to grow, shrink or change the nature of the business or the competitive positions, according to the point of view of strategic management, the Enterprises use the Mergers Acquisitions. Legally, merger is used to strengthen an entity or an organization by combining it with another entity or other organization respectively. On the other hand, acquisition is the taking over of the ownership of an entity’s stock, assets or equity interests by another entity. In Mergers Acquisitions Homework Help, it is given that Mergers Acquisitions include several transactions like mergers, consolidations, acquisitions, tender offers, purchase of assets and management acquisitions, etc. The main objective of Merger Acquisition is to create more value as an individual stand than as two separate companies or organizations. Mergers Acquisitions Homework Help helps us to know that Mergers Acquisitions is one of the major aspects of the corporate finance world. Financial synergy at lower cost, sales economy, tax considerations, market share increment, strategic realignment and technological changes are some reasons for the implementation of Mergers Acquisitions.

Steps Involved in Mergers Acquisitions

Mergers Acquisitions is not a single step process. This involves many steps which are given in Mergers Acquisitions Homework Help. The steps are
• Pre – Acquisition Review- This is a very important process as the acquiring company assess themselves as according to the need for Mergers and Acquisitions, confirmation of the valuation and also check out the growth plan in order to achieve the target.
• Search and Screen Targets- The search and screen target is used to scan for the acquiring company for good strategic fit. It includes the search for a perfect candidate who can take over a firm and can withstand its position in the market without losing its ownership on the assets, entity’s interest or the entity’s stock.
• Investigation and valuation of the target- when a candidate has been selected by the search and screen targets, this process comes into action. Here, the candidate or the target company is analyzed in a detail manner. This process is also known as “due diligence”.
• Acquire the targets through negotiations- immediately after selecting the target company, the negotiations of the target company starts in order to come to consensus for a merger. In this process both the companies agree mutually to deal for the long term working of the Mergers Acquisitions. This has been explained in Mergers Acquisitions Homework Help.

• Post – Merger Integration- This is a formal process which occurs only if all the processes fall in place properly. Here, the announcement of the agreement of the merger by both the participating companies is done formally.


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