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Math Lab and its Introduction


Math lab is a computer algebra system founded by CARL ENGELMAN in 1964. It is first introduced in 1967 and became very popular. In 1969 it is included in DECUS library without any royalty fee. Math lab is an online system of providing solutions of various mathematical problems such as simplification, differentiation, subtraction, factorization, polynomial, direct and inverse linear differential equations with constant coefficient, simultaneous linear equations, inversion of matrices etc. It also provides book- keeping facilities. Math lab is a place where any person can solve their problems regarding mathematical issue. It is a place where an individual can get the study material according to there need and requirement. The material available is used by the student as well as teachers who are in the field of mathematics. The maths lab provides good opportunity to the student to get the full knowledge about the mathematics. Mathematics laboratory is a place where an individual can enjoy various problems regarding mathematical issues and learn through informal exploration. It is a place where any person can create new mathematical activities. Since students gets higher level of activities and knowledge in such type of labs, soit takes students knowledge beyond the curriculum. Since it is a self explanatory lab so anyone can come anytime and get engaged in the work according to there comfort. Some of the activities are not useful in classroom so the activities are taught in such labs are very useful for the learners. There are verities of activities available in such labs such as games, puzzles, equations etc. The games and puzzles provides fun to the individual at the same time it contains some elements of mathematics which can be understood at the time of solving puzzles. It also contains some items developed by the authors or taken from any article.

Computer Algebra system

The manner in which the mathematicians solve the problem, exactly in the same manner a software known as computer algebra system solve the problem. It is developed in 20th century which is generally used in polynomials. It can be classified under two categories which are as follows

 Specialized purpose: Specialized purpose are used for specific part of mathematics such as number theory, group theory etc.
 General purpose: General purpose algebra system are useful for those user who are in the field of scientific. It includes various features which are as follows

i) It contains library of mathematics algorithms.
ii) A simplifier used for simplifying mathematical formulas.
iii) A memory manager which saves the huge data required at the time of computation.

Additional Capabilities of Math Lab

i) A programming language which provide user to execute in their own algorithms.
ii) Drawing of verities of charts and diagrams.
iii) Plotting graphs in two and three dimensions.
iv) Graphic production, editing and sound synthesis.
v) Simplification of some to a smaller expressions.
vi) Solution to some differential and difference equations.
vii) It also includes metrics operations such as products, inverses etc.
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