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Financial Statements and its Nature

The collection of information based on accounting is the methodical, reasonable and constant manner with is users are the simplest way of explaining about financial analysis. According to Alan Kohler, financial analyst for 41 years explains finance as the statement that shows both performance as well as financial position of the company.
It is well known that statements are made to refer income statements and balance sheet. But there are many factors that help to the derive statements that will deal with Nature of Financial Statement Assignment Help. The factors are
• Accounting notion: it uses the principles of accounting that are generally accepted to record all transactions that are done in a company and noted in the account books as per the guidelines of GAAP as it has concepts and assumptions. Thus, values of inventory at the end of the year are influenced by this principle.
• Facts that are recorded: statements contain the facts related to transaction that are already recorded in accounts book but the other factors like human resources are not recorded as may not be calculated.
• Judgment of personal level: statements are made by the guidelines of GAAP but there application may depend on judgment of accountant solely.
• Accounting rule: certain principles may be based on the satisfaction of people who had been using it for a long time. In simple words it is the usage of the usual practices of both economic and social life of humans that has been accepted to form the principles of accounting.
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