Nursing Essay Assignment Help

Nursing Essay Assignment Help

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Nursing is a practice or profession of taking care of individuals, families, communities, groups by providing them with medical care and support. It is one of the most sought professions among countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Nursing essays can be quite challenging for students having last expertise in the subject. Nursing Essay Assignment Help throws light on all important aspect related to nursing for crystal clear growth of knowledge. All main branches of nursing have been discussed in the next segment of Nursing Essay Assignment Help. The different types of nurses are- intensive care unit registered nurse, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, home health nurse, medical-surgical nurse, clinical nurse specialist, etc.

Branches Of Nursing

Nursing is a vast subject and is divided into many branches. Important features and characteristics of all branches of nursing have been explained in Nursing Essay Assignment Help. Some of them are discussed below: –

• Forensic Nursing-

This branch of nursing is concerned with the health care and judicial system. Forensic nurses provide special care for patients who are assault victims and might also investigate crime scenes. It has eight specialty areas those are- forensic gerontology specialists, correctional nursing specialists, legal nurse consultants, forensic psychiatric nurses, sexual assault nurse examiners, forensic nurse investigators, forensic clinical nurse specialists and nurse coroners. To know more about nursing and its branches students can refer Nursing Essay Assignment Help where each and every topic has been explained in a detailed manner.

• Neonatal Nursing-

This branch of nursing is concerned with newborn infants with a variety of problems ranging from infection, birth defects, surgical problems, cardiac malformations and prematurity. Neonatal nurses take care of infants from the time of birth until they are discharged from the hospital which few nurses take care of infants up to about 2 years of age. It is a challenging role but at the same time exciting and rewarding.

• Critical Care Nursing-

This branch of nursing is concerned with providing special treatment to severely injured patients dealing with life-threatening illness and injuries. Critical care nurses provide immediate and special treatment to patients suffering from fatal injuries. Critical care nurses are also called intensive care nurses. They also assist physicians during procedures, taking blood samples, ordering diagnostic tests, checking patients’ vital signs, etc. To know more about critical care nursing, please refer Nursing Essay Assignment Help.

• Cardiac Nursing-

It is basically concerned with all medical problems related to heart and the cardiovascular system. They monitor hearts of patients of all ages and administer heart medications. They assist cardiologists to expedite quality care for heart patients. They work in private clinics, cardiovascular centers and home health agencies.

• Genetics Nursing-

This branch deals with the genetic component of illness and diseases. Genetic nurses educate the families and help them to understand the genetic implications of diseases. Other branches of nursing can also be studied under Nursing Essay Assignment Help.
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