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What is Quiz?


Before going to the details of this subject Online Accounts Quiz, first we should know what the word Quiz means. “QUIZ” literally means a test of knowledge. Quiz, generally, held by the way of competition between individuals or teams as a form of entertainment. It may be in form of competition, panel game, quiz game, quiz show etc. In other words, we can say a quiz is a form of mind sport or game, where the players or the participants attempt to answer the given questions correctly. More particularly, we can say, it is a type of game by which one’s knowledge about a certain given subject can be tested.

What is Accounts Quiz?


Accounts quiz is nothing but the quiz, as described in supra,and is associated to accounts subject only. Accounts quiz is taken to check comprehensive knowledge of a type of accounts exercise. The learner or participants of this type of quiz must have adequate, through and complete knowledge about study of accounts. They should well know about the basic concepts of Accountancy like the double entry book keeping (DEBIT & CREDIT), inventory, asset & liabilities, accounts receivable, payable, trial balance, trading a/c, profit & loss account and preparation of Balance Sheet etc.

Online Accounts QUIZ

Online Accounts Quiz Test is done to judge learner’s knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting with the help of online accounting basics quiz. Online accounts quiz test is taken by way of internet etc.
Usually five types of online accounts quiz contest are taken to adjudge or to quickly check understanding of many accounting concepts of a participant. They are as follows
1. Objective Multiple Choices
Multiple choice questions, shortly called as MCQ, are the most effective and commonly used ways to test learners on the online-course relating to accounts quiz.
2. Yes or No
This is the easiest ways to make quiz questions in yes or no format. In this format questions are prepared in such a way that on asking a question on the subject accounts etc., the learner have to either answers yes or no.
3. Open-Ended
Open-ended questions are characteristically open and that is why this type of questions is very much useful. As there are no answers given to choose in this type of online accounts quiz questions, it is important for you to be very clear about what is asked in the question given.
4. Fill in the Blank
Fill in the Blank is a type of online accounts quiz question, which otherwise called as completion questions, Here in this type of Fill-in-the-blank questions, one can examine or test that learners actually know the correct answer.
5. Matching
In these types of online accounts quiz questions, several like answers type options are given along with other words and the learner has to match correctly with the given options.
Thus online accounts quiz plays a very important role in selecting or screening a best candidate having knowledge of accounts for the post relating to Accounts.


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