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What is online tutoring?
Online tutoring is a process of tutoring people online in their environment. It is a place where students can study their required subjects according to their comfort. Students are not required to go any where as they get online teaching services at their door step. There are many websites which provide such online tutoring services to the students as well as those people who are engaged in some work and want to get higher level of study. It is a platform which fills the gap between students and teachers. The websites who provides online teaching services hires professionals like ca, cs, cma to provide such professionals service. They are the boon for the students as they are well trained and experienced.
Types of tutoring.
 Peer tutoring: It is a form of tutoring conducted for fellow students. They teach each other according to their problems. This can also be conducted online as online conferencing.
 Asynchronous online tutoring: It is another form of tutoring in which the students submits the questions and the teacher reply the asked questions at later time. In this system the teacher and student need not to come at the same time.
 Synchronous online tutoring: It is a form of tutoring in which the teacher and students both are online at the same time. This system requires browser based software. Generally this type of online tutoring services provides satellite classes.
There are number of firms who provides such online tutoring services.
Problems faced by students for such service.
Generally following problems faced by students and parents in case of online tutoring services which are as follows:
 Since online tutors use their specific method so sometimes it is difficult to understand by the students.
 Online tutoring requires computer and internet connectionto connect which become the main hurdle for those students who cannot afford.
Advantages of online tutoring.
 High quality professionals service which can be relied on.
 Cheaper cost with effective work.
 Team of experts as they were well trained and experienced.

• Since these websites provides their services all over the world so any can get into touch and can take their professional services at their home place. These websites is a boon for students as well as housewife who want to study further.
Cost of services.
These Online Websites Provides online professional services at very low cost. They manage all the task of students at very low cost so that students can take maximum advantage of these sites. The main motive of these sites is to satisfy thier customers so for this purpose they do not give value to money.
Professional experience and qualification.

• These online websites hire the professionals who provides their services according to the requirement of the students. These professionals are the property of such websites as they are well trained and experienced. They possess expertise knowledge in the required field. They provide solutions to all the problems according to their requirement.