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Do you need the help of professionals for completing organic chemistry assignments? Do you struggle to capture the concepts involved in the subject and hence are unable to solve your projects? Organic chemistry assignment help service is designed to aid students in completing their assignments through experts in the field. Organic chemistry is a wide field where the study of all the organic compounds present in nature and their reactions and behaviour with each other is done in detail. Also, their use in varied areas such as pharmaceuticals, daily use, cosmetics, personal care and hospitality is investigated.

About Organic Chemistry


It is a scientific study to find out the properties, structure and the reactions occurring amongst the organic compounds. Organic compounds are essentially the compounds containing carbon atoms in some form. These are generally long chains of atoms because of the high bond strength of carbon atoms with different other atoms and molecules. Organic compound may also include hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur along with carbon to form various organic compounds. Organic chemistry assignment help organizes the concepts of organic chemistry neatly and in an efficient manner.
The study of the properties of the organic compounds involves the investigation of its physical and chemical properties. Structural study of these compounds involves various techniques to find out the arrangement of the atoms and the ways in which it effects the properties of the compound as a whole. The study of reactions amongst the organic compound is important because these compounds are present almost everywhere around us. The ways with which they react with one another could open up possibilities for better usage of these compounds in our day-to-day life. Organic chemistry assignment help has all these topics covered in great detail with concise concepts and varied examples.

Identification of Compounds


The elements in organic compounds are identified using various physical and chemical processes. Some of these are listed below
Elemental analysis
Mass spectrometry
Some of these methods provide the physical structure of the compounds while other helps us to identify the components and chemical properties of the compounds. Organic chemistry assignment help explains these methods in detail to help the students to clear their concepts.


The properties of organic compounds, under organic chemistry, are mainly studied in two classes; physical and chemical. Under physical properties, the melting and boiling points, solubility and solid-state properties such as piezo-electricity and thermal conductivity are some of the important ones. Chemical properties include the reaction of organic compounds with other common compounds such as water, atmospheric gases, acids and other organic compounds.
Classification of organic compounds
Organic compounds may be classified on the basis of functional groups present, the bond structure of compounds and length of the chains of compounds.
Organic chemistry assignment help also provides vivid study of the classification as well as the synthesis of organic compounds.
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