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Are you finding studying about OSI model challenging? Are you not able to find solution to the assignment question? Are you getting late in submitting the assignment work? There are so many questions like this and we know students do find some topics complicated and complex as they are unable to devote full time for learning about OSI model. And if we see other side of the coin that is assignments and projects related to the same then most of the students’ find the stuff tough and complex as some of them are new to this field and some are not able to comprehend technical terms so well. To keep track of all the doubts and issues that students usually face, OSI model assignment help is an exclusive podium to guide the students brilliantly for problem area and make them perfect in all the essential skills that are required to learn the topic effectively. OSI model assignment help usually follows one to one approach where one student get in touch with single professional all the time when students seek their help. So let us come direct to the point without wasting any more time as in the following sections students will get to know more about OSI model effectively.

About OSI Model


OSI stands for open system interconnection and in 1974 it is developed by ISO that is international organization of standardization. It has seven layer structure in which each segment has its own function to perform. Globally, these seven layers work together to transform the data from one person to another. OSI model assignment help provide all the valuable information to the learners where they get accustomed to seven layer architect of OSI model ad develop in depth knowledge among students to learn the basic of the said topic.

Seven Layers of OSI Model


The seven layers of OSI model are given below

• Physical layer
It is known as the lowest layer of OSI model which is responsible for physical connection between the devices. It has information in the forms of bits
• Network layer
It is usually works for transmission of data from one host to the other which is placed in different networks.
• Transport layer
It works as delivering data from one end to other end along with complete message.
• Session layer
This layer is known for maintaining and connecting sessions and assures security.
• Data link layer
This layer is mainly known for node to node delivery of messages. The main task of this layer is to ensure error free data transfer.
• Presentation layer
This layer is also known as translation layer. The data is extracted and manipulated in this layer.
• Application layer
This layer mainly generated data and said to be at the top of OSI model. It is also known as desktop layer.
OSI model assignment help enables the learners to grab full knowledge about seven layer model for better understanding and having full command on the said topic for acquiring outstanding results in an examination.
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