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Do you want help regarding physical chemistry? Are the concepts of physical chemistry too difficult to understand? If you want to gain an efficient understanding of the concepts in physical chemistry and everything else related to this topic, physical chemistry assignment help is the best option. Physical chemistry can be broadly defined as the study of the physical properties of the chemical compounds. It generally focuses on macromolecular particles and does not involves the sub-atomic particles. It is a very wide field of study which can be divided further into varied disciplines.

About Physical Chemistry


Physical chemistry means the study of macroscopic level to the atomic level through the particulate level of molecules and the related phenomena in any chemical system. The study is done using various tools such as motion of particles, their energy, time taken etc and disciplines such as quantum chemistry, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, thermo chemistry and others. It generally does not involve the study of particles at the sub-atomic level because the physical particles are different when the particles are present in aggregated form (such as in colloids). Hence there is no need to study them at the sub-atomic level. This wide scope of the subject is studied in detail in physical chemistry assignment help and the topics are explained in a crisp and easy-to-understand manner.
Important properties to be studied.

Some of the key properties which are studied in a given chemical system are

Intermolecular forces: which affects whether the material will be in solid or liquid or gaseous form. It also affects the tensile strength and surface tension properties of the materials.
Electrical conductivity: This is particularly useful during the study of electro-chemical cells and flow of ions across the semi-permeable membrane. Also, the electrical conductivity of a material may be used to call it an insulator or a conductor thereby defining its use in day-to-day activities.
Colligative properties: such as vapour pressure and boiling point of liquid solutions are useful in the field of aerosol industry. These properties are also used in selecting coolants for various appliances.
The properties are explained by experts in physical chemistry assignment help and the students may easily understand all these topics and their application in real life.

Branches of Physical Chemistry

As discussed, physical chemistry has a wide range of topics under it. Subsequently, it can be divided into various disciplines as listed below
Thermochemistry: The study of heat evolved or absorbed during a chemical reaction in a system. It helps in understanding and then designing the systems which involves chemical reactions with heat evolution/ absorption such as designs of kilns.
Thermodynamics: The study of heat and work done and their relation during a chemical reaction. This basically explains whether a reaction can occur practically or not.
Chemical kinetics: The study of rate of chemical reactions. This field explains whether a reaction which can happen according to thermodynamics will actually take how much time to complete.
All these fields have good explanations at physical chemistry assignment help for making the subject easier and convenient for the students.
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