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What is R Programming Homework Help?

R programming is a programming language developed in 1993 by Ross Ihaka and Robert gentlemen. The main purpose of using R is for data analysis, statistical interference and machine learning algorithm. R is used in both academics as well as by many companies to conduct their tasks. Companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, etc. use R as coding language. Data Analysis in R is done in a series of 5 steps- program – transform – discover – model – communicate. R Programming Homework Help will guide students with all intricacies of the subject. R programming is trickier as its syntax is difficult from other programming languages. R libraries are written in R language but for heavy computational tasks languages like C and Fortran are preferred. To know more about various advantages, disadvantages, applications, features and other details about R programming, students can visit our website and refer R Programming Homework Help.

Major Topics Covered for R Programming Homework Help

Our experts will provide help with R libraries like purrr, readr, ggplot2, stringr. Tibble, dplyr, tidyr, etc. We provide students help with various categories of R programming including one sample T test, modeling, graphics, data mining, GGPlot in R, mapping, bootstrap, graphics, Bayesian, logistic regression, spatial analysis, two ample t tests, alternate hypothesis, distribution theory, time series, etc. R Programming Homework Help has hired a team of dedicated experts who ensure that all topics are covered for easy access by the students.

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