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Importance of Research

Research in the field of science and technology, sociology, psychology and like them in any other branch of knowledge, leads to the development of many tremendously applied theories and applications. In academics and institutions, the students are widely made aware of the benefits of research to contribute the fair share of innovations to the society and human kind. Actually, they are tending to travel the path of research in order to get their course degree in due time. The research may get involved in their term projects, final assignments and other academic works. Looking at the scenarios a couple of decades back, the research was not so easy to adapt due to lack of resources, for that same is available on finger tips these days. At those times, researchers had to go through tedious book searching by spending hours in library or traveling distances to take the interviews and reviews. It has been quite eased by the internet resources available on clicks and email services respectively. The new generation of researchers still need to be aware about the major research methods available. Doing such research methods homework help them to build a platform for conducting an effective survey or conclusion.

Types of Research Methods

Research methods are the answer to the question of a researcher’s point of view. For example, a researcher studying the cultural differences of two nations need not have to do research over the cosmos in the universe. There is certain type of strategic enhancement, that empowers the survey of a researchers and enable to take research methods homework help from various resources. Some of the widely popular research methods are
1. Based on research philosophy: The philosophical point of view towards a research, initially does not have answers to the questions. The eventual development in the research, slowly unfolds the findings and reach a conclusion. Positivism and phenomenology, majorly adopted as research philosophy are widely used in business studies research.
2. Based on the type pf research: Applied research, to gather the conclusions for rather immediate problems and fundamental research, which takes the overall scenario of the topic in hands and does complete survey are the two major types of research methods. Immediate problems cannot be rather solved by fundamental research.
3. Based on research approach: Based on it, the two major types of research methods are, inductive and deductive types. The former can be approached if the research has problems and questions at its initial stage. While the later can be used to achieve the test objectives by constantly and deliberately solving the suggested hypotheses.
4. Based on research design: If the research is majorly an exploring type then the research method adopted is usually exploratory, which requires no need to reach the conclusion and done only for information purpose. While on the other hand, a conclusive type of research methods, based on research design, makes the researcher follow many other studies to emanate a particularly speculating study.
The above stated research methodologies are mere suggestions, for there are many other types that differ from every researcher’s view point providing them research methods homework help.
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