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Row Minima Method is basically used to solve a special linear programming problem known as transportation problem. It is used to obtain an optimal path which shall charge the minimum shipping amount between the delivery posts and the destinations. This often takes place by tabulating the supplies and demands. Although transportation problems can be solved by the simplex method as well; Row minima method provides a simpler algorithm and hence saves time. As the understanding of this context can be difficult for students, Row Minima Method Assignment Help shall ensure to provide simplified algorithm for the method for easy grasping by the pupils.

Algorithm for Row Minima Method


The algorithm for row minima method explained in Row Minima Method Assignment Help are

1. Addition of dummy row: To an unbalanced transport problem, add a dummy row. This dummy row shall help to discard extra cost in any cell which often arises due to unbalancing. Although the major function is to restrict both total demand and total supply from the final table by developing an arbitrary route. This is essential for balancing the transportation problem. As the degeneracy has to maintained during the optimally check, balancing of the table of supply and demand has to be performed by addition of a dummy row as stated above. For detailed step by step process, refer Row Minima Method Assignment Help.

2. Assignment of values: The process begins by assigning the maximum possible value to the least cell cost in the first row. The continuity is maintained by assigning maximum value to the least cell cost in the first column. And so it goes on alternating between the rows and columns. This looks after the supply routes as well as demand routes. The motive is too complete the supply-demand for each route from top to bottom without increasing the complexity. For better insight to the subject illustrations of each step, go through Row Minima Method Assignment Help.

3. Finding the IBFS: The Initial Basic Feasible Solution has to be found. It requires the least demand or supply value and the respective highest cell value for the supply or demand. The process involved is quite straight forward and involves no complexity per se.

4. Compressed step

• Minimum value between demand and supply value (Vmax) is checked for the very first row.
• The least cost cell is assigned value for the corresponding row. First in first serve method should be used for convenience.
•The corresponding demand and supply is reduced by Vmax. The row or column which now has a supply or demand value as 0 is struck out.
• Aforesaid steps are repeated for rows and columns alternatively. Starting from first row.

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