Sociology Essay Writing Help

Sociology Essay Writing Help

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Sociology is a branch of social science that deals with the study of human society, human behaviour and their relation with other people. It can also be defined as a study that investigates every aspect of human behaviour. A person who is engaged in the study of sociology is commonly referred as sociologist. Sociology Essay Writing Help covers all branches of sociology with detailed explanation. Some of the sociologists have divided sociology in three principle divisions. They are- social physiology, social morphology and general sociology. There are different ideologies and perception that lead to a common result and can be distinguished in terms of branches. The different branches of sociology have been explained in the next segment of Sociology Essay Writing Help in a detailed manner.

Branches Of Sociology

Sociology is a broad discipline and is subdivided into many branches. Some of these branches explained in Sociology Essay Writing Help are given below: –

• Sociology of knowledge-

It is the newly emerged branch of sociology and according to it, our knowledge is the product of social phenomena. In other words, sociology of knowledge indicates that human knowledge is usually influenced by the society. Human belief and idea is based on the political, economical and religious interests. Sociology of knowledge and other concepts related to it can be studied under Sociology Essay Writing Help.

• Criminology-

Criminology is concerned with the criminal behaviour and actions of individuals or groups. It includes the study of origin of crime its causes, nature, types and as well as punishment, law, police, etc. Various organizations have been established in order to control crime and efforts are made to improve it.

• Theoretical Sociology-

This branch of sociology deals with the study of micro theory or large theory. It includes theories studied under August Cimte, Karl Marx, Sorokin, Emmile Durkhaim, Max Wever, etc. Some examples of theories include Theory of Suicide, Economic Determinism, Class Struggle, etc.

• Urban Sociology-

This branch of sociology is basically concerned with the lifestyle of urban people. It also deals with the study of the social pathology of the urban society such as theft, robbery, unemployment, beggary, environmental pollution, corruption, etc. Urban sociology and its characteristics can be studied under Sociology Essay Writing Help.

• Rural Sociology-

This branch of sociology is basically concerned with the lifestyle of rural people. It also deals with the patterns of life such as values, behaviour, culture, belief, tradition norms, etc. In a nutshell, Rural Sociology is the study of rural society in a scientific way.

• Sociology of Economy-

It is concerned with the study of consumption, population, distribution and exchange of goods and services. It also deals with the study of the economic activities of the society in which the socio-cultural factors are given the prime importance. The mode of distribution, the access in production, the role of consumer and culture are some activities studied under it.
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